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Best Sports Bar In Kelowna/penticton For Canucks Game?


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Going to be in Kelowna this weekend for Fest-of-Ale and other shenanigans and I was wondering if any of the locals could suggest some awesome Canuck bars to watch the game tonight?

A younger crowd would be best as we're all in our 20's.

Thanks all!

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I live in Kelowna and have lived in Penticton in the past.

In Penticton, the only spot to watch the game is The Best Damn Sports Bar. Best sports bar in the city by a country mile, great food, hot waitresses, and a million tv's. Kelowna, watch it at Roses Waterfront Pub. Great atmosphere and ever better women. Both places are a 5 min walk from the nightclubs, which is also very important. Someone here also mentioned Tonics Pub in Kelowna, that would be a close 2nd for me. All of these places get busy, so follow proper protocol for early arrival for the best seating.

Go Canucks!

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