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  1. not yet, hopefully soon
  2. lol..when a thread is so bad and you need a head shake, an eye roll AND a face palm!
  3. in 2007 i had a run in with police in Kelowna. i was driving by on my bike ...of a scene of several police gathered and doing some sort of prep for a take down on a house in my neighborhood. i parked across the street and pulled out my handy-camcorder and started filming. they got really annoyed about it and started yelling at me...so i jumped on my bike and went on my way home about a half block away. as i pulled onto my property 3 cops came up on me and tackled me off my bike and started to wrestle my camera out of my possession. my roommate came out of the house and saw the
  4. break out the popcorn this thread could be fun
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