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  1. i wanna wish him the best and respect him but its really hard when he is gonna be a Lame.
  2. lookin good boys. gettin ready to harvest bruce banner, guerilla glue and purple kush this week...just flushing atm....lookin real juicy.
  3. firefox, mbp....seeing broken pic links for buttons etc as seen in images below....been going on for a while now
  4. lots of broken pic links for buttons etc on cdc for me

    1. Squamfan


      same been like that for weeks


    2. Jaku


      Been like that a while. 

  5. am i the only one so tired that i read the thread title and clicked on it thinking Quinn actually got robbed on calder ave?
  6. OLED is the bomb! samsung has is a good compromise if on a budget....55" qled at costco for 889 right now.
  7. I Believe We Would Have Won, If........we had scored more goals than Vegas in game 7.