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  1. David Bowie would keep me pretty satisfied if i had to pick one.
  2. Aliens are real. They are already here. tldr: We are the Aliens!
  3. first time i watched Paranormal Activity ...i had just stumbled on it one night with no idea what it was.....it got me good.
  4. got my air conditioner fixed at my house this spring. Coming in real handy at a 43 degrees here today.


    1. bigbadcanucks


      Stay cool...we need more of your awesome GIFS.

  5. Creed is the most under rated character from the Office and possibly on TV in general. He doesn't get many lines ...but every time He does, He nails it!

    1. Angry Goose

      Angry Goose

      Creed is definitely one of my favs



    2. -DLC-


      I love everything about that show.  

      I'd like to see The Office meets The Trailer Park Boys.  Think I'm onto something here.

  6. vintage canuck should be associate alumni
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