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If Luongo Was To Waive His No Trade Claus Witch Team Do You Think He Would Choose


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You guys are looking at this all wrong, Lou would want to go to a cup contender, the teams you guys are listing are not cup contenders. So what you need to look at are these variables

So assuming Lou asks to have his NTC waived....

1)He would give a list of teams he's willing to go to (one would have to assume the list would be small, just like Rick Nash's was, and they would all be cup contenders as he's not getting any younger

2)They would have to want him, there are not many cup contenders who still need a certified #1 goalie

3)This cup contending team needs to be able to consume Lou's big contract

4)Assuming this cup contending team is willing to take on Lou's contract, and Lou does want to go there, the final variable is what are they going to be wiling to give us back? chances are they will feel they are doing us a favor so we can free up major cap space and sign Schnieds as well.

Lots of variables to consider, I for one don't know how we are going to move him to be honest.

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Tampa is a threat to win a Stanley Cup if they get an elite goaltender. Tampa is a few hours drive from the inlaws. No tax, less pressure. Sunshine and beaches. Louongo would at least consider it and Steve Yserman would too. Question is what would we

get back for Louongo? Hedman?? Connolly??? 1st round pick????

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