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New Luongo Trade

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this is not exactly new... you just combined few ideas together...

This is just an idea i posted on another topic, remember it is just some random idea...


Schneider, Tanve, Sauve, 2nd

To Van

Larsson, 1st


Luongo, MAG, Raymond

To Van

Hedman, 10th overall, 4th round pick

Sign Justin Schultz

Use the 10th overall pick to draft the top ranked goalie in this coming draft which i heard is pretty good, sign a veteran goalie, promote Lack.

The strength of this team is no longer the goalie but the D core. We also get rid of tons of cap space and gets ready for next year's free agent or we can try to sign Zach Praise.

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Tampa Bay Trade - pick purcell or st louis because no way they are giving us both and build around that 1 player

New York Trade - A superstar Goalie and a 3rd line center who is a beast on the draw for a potential UFA ? -.-

Toronto Trade - A. His names Kadri , and B thats too much salary for Toronto to take on.

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