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Protein powder question


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I just checked my protein powder today and apparently it expired sept 2011. I'm wondering if it's still okay to take. I did a bit of research and apparently it just loses its potency but will never actually. "go bad".

Would it e safe to take for today until I can buy a new one tomorrow?

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I've had a lot of experience with supplements etc.

Generally expiration dates are just something required by law and the CFIA - Canadian Food and Inspection Agency. Shelf life for a tub of protein is typically a few years but generally in Canada, they are given an expiration date of only 2 years. Ironically in Europe they have a 3 year expiration dates printed on products.

You'll be fine but if you get a fowl stench or mold or something like that, I would be a little worried.



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I just finished expired protein powder alittle awhile ago and didnt feel any sickness, the only thing I noticed was the color of the powder was lighter and the taste was alittle funky but It still worked. Make sure it doesnt smell bad and that its been stored some where dark atleast.

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