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  1. What about Archery? It is like a larger version of Darts.
  2. Finally someone is in the know. Wake up people economic slavery is real! but unfortunate for the pipes to run smooth it requires a steady supply of slaves with fancy job titles to make them feel better. I have always wondered why they never teach modern finance in school. If more people were financially sound it would hurt the elite badly.... Just yesterday I witness someone purchase $115 worth of stamps at the post office. Stamps I tell you. Please teach your children and loved ones the value of money even if you're wealthy or not. There are people literally busting their backs for it everyday. /end rant.
  3. Why does it seem like this team has regressed this year? We have virtually no cap with key players leaving and hard/crippling money spent on the bottom 6.


    Will we even make the playoffs this year?

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      It might be a step back, but we'll also be only 1 yr from dumping all excess, toxic-sludge contracts.

      Everything is up in the air(society & pro sport), so it's pretty early to be too concerned.


      As for Jacob & CT, glad they could cash in with nice deals. Hope they play well, but not vs Van.


      I'm pretty excited to see more of our youth shuffled into the deck.



      You know, Nate Schmidt could have a major impact on the back end.  Not JT level maybe but enough of an impact that he really helps the team.  And perhaps JB perhaps JB is making the right call letting a bunch of young players push for spots.  The opportunity is there-maybe we see some of them seize it.  Team might actually improve all around if goaltending can hold its own.

    4. canuktravella


      ya if we kept markstrom wed lose demko  to expansion going younger us key  we upgraded tanev with schmidt  and  juolevi is bigger and has better outlet passes than a small stecher ever had.  We couldnt get out of our zone in playoffs versus  vegas  time to let hoglander juolevi macewen rafferty 

      push the vets out. Sutter baertchi spooner  edler benn pearson off books  next yr im sure they will ask edler back on a 1-2 mill comtract   frees up 20-21 mill for hughes pettersson contracts  and hoglander and podzolkin will be on team as well  our cup windows open next 5-10 yrs 

  4. It is nice that players actually want come here unlike years past where we would have to overpay them. I hope we can land a decent FA. 

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Dan Hamhuis turned down a higher offer to sign here.

  5. Elliotte Friedman stated the Canucks are frontrunners for OEL.. How do we afford him? and do we need him? 

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    2. Rounoush


      ^ Not necessarily. Sutter, for example, can go the other way to free up some cap and Arizona could also take some of the burden of the money themselves.


      Do we need him? We do not but it would still be nice to have him if the price is right. The fact that he wants to play here is cool.

    3. -AJ-


      We only really afford him if say say goodbye to substantial UFAs/RFAs. It makes sense that if we get OEL, we say goodbye to Tanev, so there's one, but we'd likely have to also consider holding off on others that need to be paid like Stecher, Gaudette, Leivo, Fantenberg, and Motte. Not all of those maybe and none of those are huge money, but added up, that could be $5M - $8M possibly. We already know Toffoli isn't staying (probably), but that was almost already a result of the existing cap issues. Virtanen would be possible if he was already qualified, which means we're stuck with him unless we trade him.


      Aside from that, they would need to take on cap in return, which would make it a little easier.


      Personally, I don't think it's worth it, even if they take a little bit of cap in return, but I'm willing to be wrong.

    4. BoKnows


      Is it possible that they can retain only the cap and we pay all of the salary?

  6. How did the Golden Knights get to be so good with just expansion draft players? Serious question


    1. NewbieCanuckFan




      Look at the Canucks as an example of how they’re a threat in this postseason.


      It’s not the whole answer...but it clearly starts from there.

    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      They got NHL management right away with McPhee as GM and Gallant as Coach.


      And a lot of teams for various reasons made trades with Vegas prior to the expansion draft that gave Vegas extra pieces. If a team's 3 best expansion eligible unprotected players were A, B, and C, many teams traded 'C' to Vegas with the promise that Vegas would not take A. This just resulted in Vegas getting the 'B' and 'C' player from a couple of teams. 


      Just like any type of draft, if you get more pieces, the chances are higher you'll strike gold

    3. Curmudgeon


      In earlier expansions, the existing teams gave up the extreme low end of their rosters, so teams like Vancouver, Buffalo, Washington, et cetera got the literal scrapings of the bottom of the barrel and were crap teams for a long time. Vegas had access to the 4th best d-men and the seventh or eighth best forwards from each team. BIG difference. Then there were GMs like Dale Tallon who gave up Reilly Smith AND Jonathan Marchessault, who are arguably better than 7th or 8th best forwards, so he could keep four defencemen. Seattle will have a similar draft, though GMs will probably be a little smarter about who they offer Seattle as sweeteners to take or not take certain players.

  7. 3 months in and the Corona hype is gone? What will happen to all those people with hoarded up cleaning supplies and toilet paper? 


    I am hoping phase 2 doesn't come in like the plague....

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    2. coastal.view


      the virus is not gone

      it is overshadowed by other issues

      it should still be a significant concern for everyone

      be smart, distance, wash hands, wear a mask if you cannot distance, try to avoid anywhere indoors where there are more then a couple of people


      not sure what you mean by phase 2 and plague"

      but i hope the second wave of the virus is not worse.. i'm guessing that is maybe what you meant to say

    3. Coconuts


      It hasn't just disappeared, it's concerning that people are speaking and behaving as if it has just because BC's done well. We still don't have a vaccine. If BC residents as a large group decide to stop taking it seriously it could very well get bad again. 


      Fully expecting a second wave. 



      All I can say is good thing we have Dr. Bonnie Henry,she single handedly saved countless lives by doing her job very well to look after the people of B.C.


      "Be Calm Be Kind Be Safe" ,words we should all remember when, not if, this stupid pandemic rears it's ugly head again.

  8. Will there be any Kyle Wellwood pot bellies on the ice? or do you think most players will be in decent shape come playoff time? 

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i’ve got one of those pot belies. it hasn’t turned into a double boiler yet though. the boys will be fine.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Yeah but you've earned it Joe. 

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i wish i wore it better. looks like a bad suit now.

  9. Is it safe to say that Loui Eriksson was screwed from the very beginning as a Canuck?


    This video should have been an harbinger of what was to come lol. 



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    2. naslund.is.king


      Is it safe to say that Loui Eriksson sucked from the very beginning as a Canuck?


      Yes.Yes he has

    3. ba;;isticsports


      naslund, - LE sucked in 36 million dollars though

    4. Phil_314


      agreed with @Jimmy McGill, if it wasn't him it would've been one of Ladd/ Lucic/ Backes/ Neal/ Nielsen, that UFA class must've been cursed or something for so many flops.  It made sense though since he worked well with the Twins on Sweden.

  10. Anyone else having trouble getting through on the phone to banks or other essential services? 


    I have been trying for almost a week just to talk to a bank rep. 

    1. goalie13


      I don't know about essential, but I have had a similar experience with WestJet.  I booked flights and hotels with them in January but then had to cancel the trip.  The flight was put into a travel bank but I am still waiting on my hotel refund.  They said it would take 5 - 20 business days and it has been over a month.  


      I waited on hold for several hours but couldn't get through.  I tweeted them in frustration and they offered to help but gave me a phone number that didn't work and then another that had no idea why they gave me her number.  Now I am waiting for one of their automated call-backs but I am not confident I will actually get any help.

    2. debluvscanucks


      Yes!   So weird.....just came in here after two days of doing just that!  I need info (and don't do online - telephone only).  It's not good enough.  If the liquour store can sell beer, I'm pretty sure the banks should be able to perform their job and have a system in place to cover this deal.  Take the money and run.


      I left a call back number twice...nothing.

  11. Anyone remember Taylor Ellington? What happened to him?

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      He wasn't even good enough to make it as a decent ECHLer.  Nothing to be ashamed about as many draft picks don't pan out.  Was a mistake wasting a contract slot on that kind of longshot.  

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Heard at the draft he was a "safe pick". Now whenever I hear that phrase I shudder. 

    4. Pears


      I just remember him as the guy we drafted instead of PK Subban :sadno:

  12. If the rest of the NHL season is cancelled, how is draft order going to be determined? and wasn't this draft also postponed?. 


    So many questions...

    1. HC20.0


      I imagine they'd do something similar to the 05 draft and have a lottery involving all teams with different odds depending on if you're in a playoff position or not.

    2. janisahockeynut


      Calculate all the winning percentages against all teams, then apply those percentages to all remaining games, then use final winning percentages, and apply it to the wildcard format, then you will have all teams as they would have placed in the entire league. Then give the lowest 15 teams in the draft lottery.


      Pretty easy, really! :sadno:

    3. ThaManbeast


      Would  be sweet justice if the Canucks got a top 5 pick after moving back every other year.

  13. I am looking to buy a new smartphone.... any recommendations? Aside from iPhones etc..

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    2. peaches5


      If you want an Iphone wait until the end of the year and the 12 comes out so you get a 5g version. Samsung has 5g versions out now if you don't want to wait and don't care what type of phone you get.


      @-AJ- If the phone is unlocked and takes a sim card you can be with any provider that uses a sim card. The brand of the phone doesn't matter. 

    3. Heretic


      I upgraded from a Samsung S5 to a Samsung S10 in January.  


      Why did I wait so long to upgrade? 

      Nothing wrong with my S5 - only upgraded because of work as I needed to be running the latest version of Android.  



    4. Dazzle




      I bought the Nokia over Amazon.ca, but there's cheaper options available elsewhere I think. Yes, it is/was in Canada.

  14. What are the odds we re-sign Tyler? and what does the future hold for Goldobin and Ferland?



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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Goldy will be gone. Ferland as Cocouts said will probably be on LTIR.


      I hope we can sign Toffoli. 


    3. hammertime


      Toffi is a canuck now book it.

      Goldobin goes and lights up the KHL a la Sergi Shirokov.

      I hope for Ferlands sake he hangs em up. There are more important things than hockey.

    4. Quantum


      Toffoli stays a Canuck. I see the Canucks moving on from Tanev before losing Toffoli. If there's the opportunity to use a compliance buyout or two, Toffoli will most definitely stay a Canuck.


      Goldy is still an RFA after this season. I suspect the Canucks will qualify him and let him chose where he wants to go. Probably goes back to the KHL. Could be used as trade bait this summer too.


      Ferland stays on LTIR. He may make a comeback next year but if he goes down with another concussion related injury, his career is done.

  15. Do people actually believe we can acquire Tyson Barrie for Troy Stecher + some other pieces? 


    Lets not forget the Leafs trades Nazim Kadri for him and others. 

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    2. Alflives


      People who never played like Barrie.  Stecher is actually a more effective D man.  Barrie is fluff, and way too easy to play against.  

    3. debluvscanucks


      Don't even want Barrie.  And the whole Toronto mindset is off ... Marner's comments after losing to Zamboni goalie was a big "meh, whatever".

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      Laffs also got a 40+ point forward/center in the Kadri deal