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  1. I think there will be serious debate in the commonwealth when she eventually passes away if countries still need a monarch.... I believe Barbados just removed her from monarchy and I can see other countries following. The monarchy will hit an all time low once Principle Charles as I like to call him becomes King and then raise again when it comes to William. After that there will be serious discussion.
  2. I am assuming the more you earn/are worth the cost goes up dramatically. I have wondered how much Jeff Bezos monthly bills must be...
  3. I think we should stick to the topic and not derail anymore... apologies for aiding in derailing the topic.
  4. All of these posters are nothing but miserable haters.. that is all! It is not your business if he marries trophy wives or does this with his money.. Grow up!
  5. So you wouldn't want to be President of the United States? or a Billionaire? Your call.. I by no means am a Trump supporter but I can never understand the hate.. Are people just that jealous? I am sure none of this matters to him, but for the average hater are you that bloody miserable? He is the President of the USA and a Billionaire how else does one expect him to behave? He is not going to be your nanny..
  6. Did you also take into account that both individuals were born in different time periods? and had different upbringings.. Trumps parents sold homes to middle class families while buffets parents as you mentioned had political connections. Either way there many pathways to become wealthy and not one way is the correct way. Can we say that Trump is more successful then both of us combined lol unless you're a closet billionaire...
  7. I based the assumption of not a lot of "millionaires" on certain activity in the threads like bitcoin, stock market thread, BC emergency response benefit etc.. and guess that there might be issues with money for some people. I didn't not mean to paint this entire forum as poor or frugal.
  8. The fact that you're comparing Trump to other icons or tycoons is telling... He is a self made billionaire who was given money.. so what? That is usually one way people become wealthy through loans and trust funds.. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were also helped along the way.
  9. Yeah but this man was a con artist who stole peoples money with schemes. There is no record of Trump stealing from other people; only bending existing laws and regulations.
  10. Hate on Trump all you want but he is a shrewd business man and that is what they do.. For all we know you could still be living in your parents basement lol? Don't attack someones opinion just because they aren't super wealthy.. From my time on CDC I doubt there are many millionaires on this site.
  11. It is not that we are making fun of him, but the lack of personal responsibility on his part. Posting pictures of yourself with giant stacks of money is like the icing on the cake especially when something like this happens. Obviously he will rebound, but hopefully he learned a valuable lesson.
  12. Please don't compare race in this matter it has nothing to do with it.. just bad personal decisions.
  13. I was just going to post this lol.. IMO he had it coming.. he was pretending to be something he was not. I mean most rappers (excluding 50 cent etc..) and boxers (excluding Mike Tyson) can afford living a lifestyle like that.
  14. Hopefully this is a nail in the coffin for Trump 2024.. Also to anyone saying Trump is the worst president in US history give your head a shake and smack... He didn't start any new wars or cause the collapse of the economy like George Bush.. I am surprised how in his 4 years the amount of hate he has received while George Bush is walking around like a Saint!