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  1. Very impressed with this comment! You're right that unless the average Joe is at the level of these folks it should not be of concern to them... unless of course they are like a Facebook investor or something or have some sort of connection to Pink Floyd. I became rather annoyed when the dumb receptionist instead of doing her job was playing Reese Witherspoons audio book.. like as if it is going to help her in someway.
  2. It doesn't matter.. the rule states the player should be on the bench or halfway in transition on the bench before another player can come on the ice... This was clearly too many men even if the 7th player was a non factor in the play.
  3. September.. Doing an Ireland/ UK split. Then in December or January.. Doing an Australia/ New Zealand split
  4. The same moron that has wasted 1.3 billion in a failed pipeline? that Jason Kenney... I would take what he has to say with a grain of salt. September 7 book it No more masks!!!!
  5. I was speaking in terms of the power structure amongst the ruling elite and what not.. Not what goes in the muggle world lol.. 50 years ago you didn't have many female presidents or pm etc... look at leaders in Europe It may still be a mans world, but things have certainly been watered down with the rhetoric and hormones. Look at testosterone driven societies like in the Middle East where it is mostly male dominated behaviour as strike contrast to a mixture in the West. Remember the West before was as barbaric as the East...
  6. Up until the end of WW2 people were seen as nothing but cannon fodder for the elite or rulers.. It wasn't until the atrocities of WW2 that people started to finally realize how barbaric they were. Another reason was most western societies were purely testosterone driven. The places that are still testosterone driven you can see the strike differences between them and the modern West i.e. Middle East, Asia, etc..
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2021/06/09/el-salvador-makes-history-as-worlds-first-country-to-make-bitcoin-legal-tender/?sh=40d396a8eaa3 Interesting how a poor country like El Salvador is willing to take a risk with bitcoin..
  8. The new Green Party leader and him are pretty much up there in terms of hysteria and theatrics.... can't really take them serious. Too woke and leftist for my liking.
  9. Future AI won’t solve anything it is a problem in human nature.. people have been killing each other since the dawn of time nothing will change that fact. Only educating people and I mean future generations is the only way to stamp out racist and hateful ideology. I mean tools have been placed in society to deter such acts like religion or consequences like jail, but people still twist those meanings for their own free will.
  10. These are already mentioned in the Bible and other religious texts as demons or fallen angels... 1/3 of the fallen angels to be exact. Religion thread would be pointless as it would like a 1000 pages with atheists vs religious people and the same arguments being tossed by both sides..
  11. Well according to Biblical sources he used intervene in early human society, but I am guessing now is just pure lunacy for him... Sure living standards have improved and what not, but the important question to ask is have we improved morally or spiritually? I believe we are regressing in those two categories.. and is in line with with what the scripture has to say that there will be a time in history when people will just do as they please without a care in the world for consequences or actions. Similar to a Sodom or Gomorrah scenario but worse..
  12. Not very secure at least the digital ones.. even worse if you forget your passcode or secret key like what happen to me lol.. Lost around $400 so worth of bitcoin
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