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  1. It should be noted that the above bold 4/5 countries are also war torn that have seen years of conflict. Please leave religion out of this discussion... It is both progressive and intolerant depending on the country in which it is practiced and the school of thought.
  2. Very thoughtful post.. I think because we live in a society that values innovation and achievement; we look down on others who are essentially down and out and need our support. I went through a period when I could not complete any task do to mental health issues and I always think if there some homeless person going through the same thing and not able to work or function in society.
  3. A controversial character at best just like the whole family, but still a human being so RIP.
  4. When I was in elementary school I always used to find his book to be odd and unassuming..
  5. It is a very heavy ship with containers on board.. They will need to off load a ton of cargo before trying something like that.
  6. From what I recall Tesla does not make much money from their vehicles sales, but from their stock. Smart move because it is rather tricky trying to convert large sums of bitcoin to fiat. Most conventional means have a cap of $30,000 or so.
  7. Will the playoffs be similar to last years format with wild cards?
  8. It wasn't so long ago that it was "In Gillis we Trust" I give CDC's praise and patience on Benning another two years; before the customary fire chants are the overwhelming majority. If the Canucks don't reach the Stanley Cup Finals then Benning will be another Nonis or Burkie..
  9. This is a understatement.. Now one could argue that we should all see people as individuals rather than a collective, but I tend to ignore that fact sometimes. There are just too many people on this planet. For every one intelligent person there are a dozen idiots. Sometimes I think if the one child per policy should be applied globally.
  10. I had this type of thought just recently... I was driving and occasionally looking at my rear view mirror and notice the guy behind me making awkward hand gestures in his Jeep. I kept thinking he is doing these towards me because I kept pressing the brakes due to the idiot in front of me. I felt like getting out of my vehicle and beating him up to a pulp because his hands gestures were stressing me out. Long story short I did nothing.
  11. Hmm should have implanted this earlier when the Coilers were drafting first overalls like nothing.. I applaud this move as with the addition of another team (Seattle) it is going to get more competitive for that coveted first overall..
  12. I agree with all you have to say except for the last bit as the election was fair and not rigged.. Ignore Dotard and his fallacies..
  13. Your signature gets me everytime.. well played move
  14. I didn't expect this one.. I know some Canucks alumni end up working in business or finance. Whatever the case people need to eat so no shame in the hustle of life.
  15. Looks like Bertuzzi is back on the booze... 




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    2. kesler_sedins


      The Moore incident is still affecting him...

    3. Dazzle


      Steve Moore didn't deserve to get paralyzed, but Bertuzzi didn't deserve to get burned for that. That elbow by Steve Moore was no doubt intentional. Cheap shot artist that got paid for the aftermath, which wasn't entirely Bertuzzi's fault. Everyone piled on top of each other - and Moore paid the price. So did Bertuzzi. No one came out of that a winner.

    4. -AJ-


      You get the feeling that he's been battling some demons that he still hasn't finished with. Hopefully some day in the future we can hear an inspirational story of how he battled and beat them.

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