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Who's been to Haida Gwaii?

Alex the Great

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Absolutely spectacular there, I always highly reccomend it to anyone I can. Some of the locals there are a little guarded at first, keep in mind over the years they've had outsiders come and near raze the forests, while most of them are incredibly friendly. My wife and I went there for a week on our honeymoon, one shopkeeper on learning that we came there for that occasion, that we decided to because of some old family ties on my end said "...no, you take this, it's my gift..." regarding the $25 piece of print art we were about to buy. We insisted that our money was good, and he emphatically insisted that we take it.

Pesuta shipwreck ( http://www.queen-charlotte-islands-bc.com/travel_guide/7_pesuta_shipwreck_and_sandspit.php )

One of my favorite spots on the islands, it's so surreal walking up to this old piece of barge. It's a shame that it really can't be preserved, there used to be two pieces, bow and stern. The stern has weathered and washed away over the years, still pretty spectacular, the hike isn't too bad and if you get the chance don't pass it up if you're at all into this sort of stuff or find it even remotely interesting.

We could have spent a month on the islands and still not have checked out everything we wanted to.


Another place to not miss, near Skidigate.

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Been there a few times. Yes it is beautiful when the rain stops and the fog lifts, which never happened either trip. Never seen so many tiny little deer before. I thought they were yearling fawns that just lost their spots until some one pointed out that those were adult deer. A little too wet for me to want to visit again.

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