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Ideal/Realistic Trade Options & Line up

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***To Toronto- Luongo & Booth & 2013 2nd

***To Vancouver- JVR & Gunnarson

Van gets a top 6 forward who can throw his weight around and a young third pairing D man.

Toronto gets a much needed number one goalie as well as a big bodied top 6 forward that Burke seems to be looking for.

***To Anaheim- Tanev, Ballard, Malholtra, Rodin and 2013 1st

***To Vancouver- Ryan

Van gets an elite forward who should find chemistry with Kesler or the Sedins

Ducks get a replacement for Lubo, an upcoming top 4 D man, a defensive vet and a late first round draft pick(Hopefully #30)

***To Dallas- Raymond and 2013 2nd and 2013 6th

***To Vancouver- Ott

Van gets a center who can replace Kesler while he’s out and work hard and hit with Higgins and Hansen on the third line.

Dallas gets a winger who should fit in with their quick top 6 forwards and some picks.


Sedin (6.1) - Sedin (6.1) - Ryan (5.1)

JVR (4.25) - Kesler (5) - Burrows (2)

Higgins (1.9) - Ott (2.95) - Hansen (1.35)

Tootoo(1.5) - Lapierre(1) - Kassian (.9)


Hamhuis (4.5) - Bieksa (4.6)

Salo (2) - Edler (3.25)

Schultz (3.8) - Gunnarsson (1.3)

Alberts (1.25)

Schneider (4)

Lack (1)

About five million in cap space.... I figure Alain will find the right top six line combos between JVR, Burrows and Ryan being juggled around with the sedins and Kes. Higgins and Hansen stay on the third line with a more gritty and offensive center than lappy. I figure we can pick up Tootoo for a reasonable price and he would fit in perfectly with the soon to be most hated fourth line in the nhl. Elite top six, hardworking/hard to play against third line and some of the biggest beakshows in hockey on the fourth(plus Ott).

Tried to be realistic but give me your feedback.

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to toronto- luongo-booth-tanev-4th

to vancouver-gardiner-colborn-6th

toronto gets goalie and another top six we get defence and a replacement for kesler when hes injured and then a solid third liner

to colorado -ballard-2nd

to vancouver -downie

they get good more solid defense and a pick for their rebild we get a tough guy who can score

to anaheim raymond, malhotra 1st 2nd

to vancouver ryan

canucks get the top six theyve been lacking anaheim gets a veteran guy a young fast winger and


sign schultz

daniel henrik burrows

downie kesler ryan

higgins hansen colbourne

weise lappierre kassian

hamhuis bieksa

edler gardiner

schultz salo



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That deal wouldn't get us Ryan. Burke would NOT trade JVR, and even if he did, I feel Luongo's worth is higher, JVR is injury-prone, and Gunnarasson hasn't proven enough to me. The deal for Ott is good though. Interesting deals, I just feel that we can get more for Luongo, like Gardiner and/or Franson. And Anaheim won't take a struggling d-man, an aging struggling third line center, a yet to prove anything prospect and one solid young defenseman for their star winger. Thanks though.

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