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NHL Elo Player rating system

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Just discovered this fun website that asks users to determine who was better between two all time NHL players and lists them based on your ratings. Not too sure about Gretz being number 5 on this list, but otherwise it's a pretty cool site. Thought some of you might be interested in checking it out.

Right now it's asking me to choose between Beliveau and Federov, hard choice for me but I went with Beliveau.

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Comparisons like Joe Juneau vs. Mike Keane throw a curveball into ratings. Juneau was way better offensively at his peak, but Keane was a strong defensive presense throughout his career. Went with Keane. The voting is really close.

It says the point of the project is to determine which factors are weighed more towards determining which players are in fact 'better.'

To me, the little-used goals versus threshold stat is a good one to compare players between different eras. There was a release of a 'every player, every season ever' GVT list a year or two ago. People often disregard this stat as 'arbitrary' or a 'baseball-only way to look at stats', but there is no doubt that it's being used in hockey as well. Combined with all sorts of other ways, no doubt.

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