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2012-2013 NHL Predication Game

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How to play:

1.I will start off by naming NHL player and then your objective is to make prediction on how many points that player will score.(See Ex.1 for an example.)

2.The first person to give their prediction can name another player and then you make a prediction for that player and so on.(See Ex.2)

3.You may get specific on what you want like Goals,Assists,+/- etc.(For goalies you can make a prediction on GP,Save%,GAA,SO etc.).

Ex.1:LegitCanuck:Evgeni Malkin(Points only)

User1:95 points(then User1 says a new player)

Jordan Staal etc.

Ex.2:LegitCanuck:Evgeni Malkin(Points Only)

User1(@11:00AM):95 points.

Jordan Staal

User2(@11:01Am):100 points.

Henrik Sedin

(You would make a prediction for Jordan Staal since User1 made the prediction b4 User2.)

OK,lets get started.

Steven Stamkos(Goals and Points)

(P.S. injuries do count, so make your prediction based on how many games that player will play and if injuries wll effect that player.)

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