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Hey guys, first off I just want to say one of the reasons im making this thread is because its so dead around here.

I was looking at the nhl page to see if I could find any news on the CBA progression when I saw the Sharks 30/30, the most prominent part of the video centered around the hiring of new assistant coach Larry Robinson formerly of the NJD. I got to thinking, I really don't know what the encompassing job description of an assistant coach is, since we rarely ever even hear about them.

Skip forward in the video and he mentions that this move may be to "inspire" head coach Todd Mclellan to keep his job. Then I realized that what this meant was that the GM hired the assistant coaches, which I find is general practice.

The difference with us is that GMMG did NOT hire our assistant coaches, head coach Alain Vigneault did; in-fact, If I recall correctly he told GMMG that if he was to work for us that he would keep coach Rick Bowness as his assistant.

Most of my questions will be in Poll form, but I do encourage a discussion due to the relative inactivity on the boards. Consider poll questions 1, 2, 3, and the written question as the 4th.

So one of my questions that wont be in poll form is:

What exactly are assistant coaches responsible for?

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"The decision was mine," Mike Gillis, the Canucks' president and general manager, said Tuesday. "I will leave it at that."

As TSN reported when Newell Brown was hired. It appears he does have that job. Doesn't the head coach only have a say in who are his assistants?

we not talk about things other because if its not goalies, or coaching issues its second line issues, or window closing issues, or no norris D issues. Pick your poison

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I feel that the only problem we have with the coaching is that proper preparation was not done before the playoffs. The players were not ready (looked happy they won PT) and AV had not tied lines out that he would be using in the playoffs. AV put out untested lines in our most important games of the year. I don't think this is the fault of the assistant coaches.

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While I think it should typically be the GMs job to choose the assistants (with say from the coach), I don't see a reason to replace the current ones. Our powerplay was killer until partway through last season, but It's not like it's been a few seasons since they had success.

And the staff seems to get on with the players and eachother well, so it seems foolish to replace them at the moment. I don't see them being replaced this season unless we take a nosedive this season (knock on wood), but that seems highly unlikely.

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