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  1. Yes, unfortunately. I think the hope around here was that Shaw would help Baumer with changing/improving the systems. Perhaps that can still happen, but that may be expecting too much.
  2. I do think personnel is part of the problem. Comparing our current group to the one you just posted, and I think the current group is behind on every pairing. The defense has never been fixed during Benning's tenure, but also even if he acquired a group as talented as the 2011 group, there's no telling it would be as successful with our current defensive systems.
  3. To MIN: PK Subban To TBL: Phil Kessel (1M retained)
  4. Unvaccinated health care workers, the same exact people lauded as heroes a year ago, will be required to leave their job and not receive EI? Something doesn't seem right about that...
  5. Our defense and defensive systems are easily our weakest points, and have been for years. Schmidt should have helped with this. Him thriving in Vegas and now Winnipeg should be an eye opener to the organization that we need this addressed. Shaw was supposedly the answer, but I'm not so sure that's the case. Time will tell.
  6. Schmidt with 7 points, already has nearly half the point total as his year with Vancouver. Yes there are players that won't gel with every system, but I think this is a clear example that our systems need to drastically change.
  7. I still don't think our defense is good enough, even with Hamonic. There are several new players, and the hope is Shaw will help with the system. So far the Canucks have been painful to watch in their own zone, just like in previous years. There is still time to correct this of course, but until that happens, I'll temper my expectations.
  8. No Crosby, Malkin, Carter, lost McCann. Top centre next game to be Rodrigues, Blueger, or Boyle?
  9. Jets place Nikita Kucherov on IR, again https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/2204192
  10. Agreed, I don't think this is right. I read reports some employees were also trying to barge their way into company meetings that didn't involve them. Don't like what your platform is offering? Raise a concern with your boss, or leave the company if you need to. Too many people feel they should have things exactly their way.
  11. On paper yes, but they certainly could finish last in the division if they don't get it together. Especially if Buffalo remains perfect, which is somehow a thing
  12. Montreal doesn't have the benefit of playing in an easy division this year. Now they are without several key players from last year. Not a tank, but rather a tough start. There's still enough talent there (once they get going) to push higher in the standings, but I don't think they surpass TBL, FLA, BOS, and TOR.
  13. How many do you think are truly offended by this, or are using it as a means to gain attention/status? Instead of trying to cancel someone, I would think the best course of action is to make your own special on youtube/tiktok/whatever and share your counter points.
  14. Vancouver assigns Ryan Poehling to the AHL. Recalls Connor McMichael.
  15. To PIT: Ilya Lyubushkin, Carter Savoie To VGK: NJD 2023 2nd, 2023 PIT 4th, John Leonard
  16. Feels like they chose 21 games because Kane was playing too much blackjack.
  17. Between Andersson grabbing the puck last year and this headbutt, it's looking like he has some character issues. Fits in well with Tkachuk.
  18. To SEA: 2022 ARZ 3rd To PHI: Josh Mahura
  19. Brutal take. Don't need to be an Avs fan to know Makar's a great talent.
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