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CanucksClub returns for a second season! Past members include Blomqvist, gmen81, Chris_P, and even more.

Rules are simple in our team: Don't be a puck hog, be a team player. Be respectful to all members even when they mess up.

We'll be a pretty casual team, we'll play sometimes and we'll try to win whenever we can.


LW, LD, Nathan MacKinnon [GT: Dodedede16]

C, RW, RD Blomqvist [GT: Michaeltr0n]

LW, RW Ryanstorm [GT: Proto5un]

RW, RD kcanuck98 [GT: RW98]

LW, RW Number14 [GT: Bowlblaze420]

C, RW, LD JoeJoeyJoel [GT: C0NSER]

C, RW darrenyip [GT: Go Easy Fool]

C, LW, RW Non-CDC Member [GT: hockeymonkey95]

C Ron Burgundy [GT: xI Ballz Plz Ix]

C, RW Jay Jay Sea [GT: GenusEpaculater]



General Managers: Nathan MacKinnon, Blomqvist


Captain: Blomqvist

Assistant Captain: Nathan MacKinnon

Assistant Captain: Proto5un

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Banned member - InSoM- will be joining us on the club. His gamertag is InSoMnIaK604. He can play all positions but his main position is G.

JoeyJoeJoel what side D do you play?

Jay Jay Sea what positions do you play?

Any update Blom?

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Also, I suck ssooooooooo much now. This new skating engine and the fact that all my attributes are low are really throwing off my game. I have something like 5 points, 5 hits, and a +5 rating in 16 games so far. Don't expect a Norris-calibre defenseman on the backend when we play guys. At least not anytime soon :(

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Since this is more active on the forums and we could get a lot more people (more people = more chances of finding someone to play with at any given time) I'm joining CanucksClub CDC. Could you add/invite me to the club when you make it please?

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