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Scary Story Game Thread


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So it is around 11:30-12 at night and you are walking down the street, all of a sudden you hear this...

You have no idea where it is coming from. You look around there are no cars and there are only 5 houses on the whole street, you are walking around in a area with a big forest.

What would you do?

The next person has to say what they would do and then create a new story similar to mine (ex. being alone and somewhat isolated), and they have to incorporate a song from a scary movie into their story. You finish off by asking the question What Would You Do.

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I panic because I know i'm being followed and this music follows me along with a stranger walking a few paces behind me...


....and so I start picking up my pace into a light jog, but no matter how fast i run now, he seems to be able to keep up with me just by walking......what's that about??

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I look over my left shoulder and then look over my right. I see nothing, so i pick up my pace and start to sprint afterwards. I keep on running until I find someone else or area in which I feel safe.

You are now on a dirt road, it is 1 am. Your car broke down a mile back and now you are in the middle of nowhere and then you hear this...


It is now raining and you look around, you see nothing. You look into the sky and all you can see are some sort of lights, but you cannot make out what the object is because of the rain.

What Would You Do?

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Your walking through the a dingy, concrete town on a dark, cold night in mid-June. You hear some commotion behind you, so you begin to pick up the pace. You run down a back alley, and when you come out of the alley onto the street, you are surrounded by thousands of people dressed in an ugly shade of red, with a scary black colored letter on the front of it. You immediately run to the largest building you can find, jump up the stairs and open the door. Upon entering, you realize this is the "nest" of the red colored, black lettered freaks you saw outside...because your in a scary story, instead of leaving you investigate...you walk down the concourse and enter the centre of the building and...

OMG, it's the Calgary Flames winning the Stanley Cup! You've been in Calgary this whole time, surrounded by their Cup happy fans. It's a nightmare, man.


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