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Mike Gillis on Team 1040 today (Oct 2, 2012)


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Here's a rundown of what they talked about, after some small talk about fishing:

Perspective of lockout when he was an agent: different time now, fighting against salary cap then, trying to do what's best for game then and now.

Window of opportunity, a year could be gone: hopeful that's not the case, looking forward to get going. Miss working hard in market, have a good team, not able to do that now but have to look at bigger picture.

Positive having no one over in Europe now: agrees its a +, some concerns for those that do, injuries/insurance, medical/rink standard not the same as NHL, some risk involved, like with Nash getting injured.

ESPN 'Broke' documentary, how does it apply to hockey players: lesser extent in hockey compared to NFL/NBA, he's hopeful players get good advice and he'd recommend young players let him help invest rather than spend on 'friends' that come out of the woodwork.

1972, what do you remember as a 13 year old: not tarnished because of Eagleson, was a great experience watching and great way to start high school.


Not a lot new in this one, with the lockout they're starting to run out of good topics. No idea why they didn't ask more about the Wolves though and what he'd seen of our prospects so far.

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Uh, you do realize I already put it in the original post right? You don't need to post it again.

It's not like we don't already have Jensen and Grenier over there, although it's a little different as they planned to regardless of a lockout. Hadn't heard anything about Hansen though, who's the source?

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God alright buddy I'm sorry I didnt frickin skim ur post. The last time a Gillis 1040 interview was on here the OP didn't have the audio clip, I wasn't doing it for you I was doing it for those who like to hear him say it for himself rather than a condensed overview of the interview.

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