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Minimum amount of games needed for playoff seeding?


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Just curious as to less and less games that will seemingly be played (although I don't expect to see a season this year), I had this thought of what if a CBA is put through say in February or March, at that point the good majority of the season is kaput.

So my question is what would the minimum amount of games that each team would need to play to determine let's say a half decent play-off bracket in your opinion

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Are we being historically technical?

When the Vancouver Millionaires won in 1915, they played 17 games in the regular season.

They went 13-4. Won the PCHL title

The rules were the NHA champions (Forerunner to the NHL) would play the PCHL champions.

Ottawa Senators and Montreal Wanderers both finished 14-6 and played a two game aggregate series to see who played for the cup. Ottawa won 4-1 overall. So they played a whopping 22 games to get to the Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup was a best of 5 series. Vancouver won in 3 straight all at the Denman Arena (Downtown Vancouver). How weird is it that the guy who won the series winning goal was Barney Stanley for the Millionaires? Cyclone Taylor scored 6 goals in the series, and Barney Stanley scored 5. Both Taylor and Stanley are in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

So by that count we could have a 17-22 game season. But I think 48 is really the bare minimum.

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