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NHL Lockout resolution info on deal


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I'm sorry, I find it really hard to take you three seriously. "Teens Talk Hockey" could be really good. But you're lacking something...

Originality, it's what you lack! Don't just re-state what TSN and Twitter are saying! Throw in some of your own opinions, some of your own analysis, and some of your own info. Things that hockey fans won't likely know.

Any real hockey fan has taken all of this info off of Twitter and TSN more than 24 hours before watching this.

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I don't know this wouldn't be the best video for opinions. Our team previews and NHL prediction videos are full of opinion when all 3 of us are discussing things all together. In the old Anaheim one, which was the first preview we did with crappy greenscreen and visual effects, we get into some debates over jersey colours and even teemu selannes name. This is just one video

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