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  1. I thought this forum was shutting down?
  2. I have no clue why Sportsnet does not broadcast half of the Canucks games in 4K but will have the same program on SPN1 and Sportsnet 4K channels.
  3. This is not a playoff caliber team with this current defence.. You are a blind homer if you think that lol.
  4. His give a damn meter needs to improve.. It looks like he is going through emotions out there. The thing that Petey is going to have to get use to is being under a microscope now with his contract. The media and fans will eat this kid alive, maybe he should focus on hockey and not his off ice brand?
  5. Dont like this trade not sure why we gave up on gaudette for a career AHLer?
  6. JB has royally screwed up this offseason, the fact he lost Toff and Stetcher to contracts we should have been able to match. Is he really thinking Pod and Hoglander are coming in to be full time NHL players? I think we are in for a regression this coming season.
  7. Tough matchup for the Canucks, will be a huge test for the young guns. This is a bonus to be playing meaningful hockey, if they have any chance they will need Hughes to maintain the level of hockey he has been playing at. O’reilly will be a tough matchup for Petterson you can almost guarantee they will match him against Petterson. The Canucks are going to get some good experience but I still think the Blues will prevail in 5 games. We need to remember that this will be good for us moving forward and hopefully get us ready for when we are a contender.
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