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Edmonton Oilers, the baddest team in the league


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What a sham this leage is... that the coilers can tank it for all these years and get away with it!

Whats worse, is that in the end, their elite top draft picks will bolt from that hell-hole of a city and move somewhere worth living.

I remember Souray cathing flack for refusing to be part of it and he became the bad guy.

If you disagree, consider that this sham of a roster lacked almost any D or reliable goaltending for years while they rolled out a bunch of cheap goons and pylons expecting any success. Sure, sure, call it a rebuild, but really, it was a complete write-off, a sham. Parity sucks.

In the end the coilers will have a super stud roster financed by the NHL and will see the departure of many of these high draft picks from either free agency or traded for cap reasons. What a waste of time.

Great job, Gary!

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My question is simply, why are people so excited about this team? The Oilers keep getting 1st round picks and doing terrible. Clearly picks are not fixing what's broken, yet every year it's "Look at all their talent!". Cool, where are the wins that talent is supposed to create? People on Sportsnet are asking if they'll make the playoffs. How about not being in the bottom 2 in the league first? RNH, Eberle, Hall, Yakupov, Schultz... and 3/5s of that couldn't eclipse the Canadiens. 4 of them couldn't drag OKC anywhere near the AHL playoffs. This sounds like desperation from Edmonton and pundits over-estimating how effective a few guys can be in an otherwise broken team.

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