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GDT | Jan. 19/13 | Anaheim vs. Vancouver | 7:00 PST | CBC

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Men go bald get over it. It's not a fashion it's a fact.If his wife doesn't mind I don't know why anyone else would.

All you can do is embrace it.

Plugs are not a better option.

Speeking of plugs. We need a few less of them.

Ballard, I like the guy...he's not helping.

Weise...he's a tweener...he hits like a tissue. If he won't fight...what's his job?

We need some guys that HIT! Our forecheck is incredibly ineffective.

AV is the best coach we've had, but whatever he's doing stopped working a while ago.

I've been a big fan of Gillis, but the shine has come off. He needs to make some moves to improve this team. Too many of his moves have been sideways at best.

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