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Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?


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Please CFH WAKE UP and concentrate on goalie points and 3 STARS

Nashville game: NO Luongo shutout, Win & probable 3 STAR points

BTW who runs this contest anyway ??????????

A bunch of amateurs who don't respond to e-mails, provide no phone number, don't respond to Better Business Bureau complaints, etc.

I think I'm going to e-mail the Competition Bureau of Canada if they don't fix this soon. It's getting ridiculous.


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for 2013-14 CONTEST

Please bring the defense back into play with the addition of HITS & BLOCKS

Other NHL teams fantasy have this NOW and just two years ago (10-11 season) CFH did too !!!!!

And it would be so simple since the boxscores provide all this information for you.

All you have to do is learn what the other NHL teams are doing to satisfy their fans.

thank you :canucks:

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Still completely screwed up. Currently in 4th place. 2 of the 3 players ahead of me have more than 30 games played (despite that being impossible). Goalies didn't get credit for wins in most of the games in February (and, of course, I took goalies). Hits haven't counted all year despite being listed as 2 points a piece.

I've been doing my lineups based on how badly they have screwed this up (sans the goalies because I take goalies regardless), but if they fix it, then I'm completely screwed I think.

It would be so nice to base my picks off what they actually list as the criteria rather than what I've observed is the criteria. Complaints will be getting filed regardless of whether I win or lose. This garbage CANNOT continue into next season.

At this point, I've sent several e-mails and received no response back including when I told them that if they don't respond, I will no longer purchase any Canucks merchandise and that I'm filing a complain with the Competition Bureau of Canada who could levy fines of up to $10M against them for failure to comply with the laws set forth is the relevant act. They just don't care it seems.

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In 2nd place and, of course, the guy in 1st has 4 more games than the Canucks have played. And, of course, a bunch of goaltender wins (which I've taken and he hasn't) haven't counted even as far back as February (but even including 3 games on the current 6-game win streak).

At this point, given the complete lack of response, I'm almost thinking lawsuit in addition to BBB and Competition Bureau. I'm getting gipped big time.

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Hey Mike can you put the proper line up up for tonight ? or should I put up your real email address , so people can let you know how after we put up with the lockout you have shown us no fan appreciation . Oh and who won what this year ? How many games did you and your friends enjoy this year with the tickets rogers set aside for this pool . This pool is so unprofessional it blows my mind HOPEFULLY NEXT YEAR YOU HAVE NO FURTHER INVOLVEMENT

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What is going on here,

The guy that won the season (ferlin) has 55 games in a 48 game season.

The 3rd place guy is the only prize winner with 48 games.

Is this thing being run by the owners 12 year old nephew?

Deserving participants are getting ripped off for their prizes!!!

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Thanks, although I finished 3rd (who knows where I actually finished given the scoring errors with hits, wins, shutouts, etc. not counting, people gaining additional points for games that the Canucks never played, points not adding up correctly, etc.).

Not happy that they sent me a Premier jersey when they advertised an Authentic jersey (and then told me they never had any signed Authentic jerseys when I asked about it).

Edit: Looks like it's getting resolved.

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LMAO @ this pool...NO Garrison

...NO Burrows

...NO Hamhuis

...NO Edler

7.5 hours till puck drop

BUT you can pick Gordon-Schroeder-Booth-Jensen-Sweatt!!! TY ADMIN-In TORONTO

You should've picked Dustin Butler!
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