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Not surprising at all. How many first-round exits has this team gotten? Even if the series went the full 7 games, the record would be 3-4.

Now let's look at the 2nd round exits - guaranteed to win at least 4 games, but also lose 4 in the process. Most likely, the record for a 2nd round loss would be at .500

What I'm trying to say is that because of the sheer amount of early exits by the Canucks since '95, the numbers will average out to a .500 record. Being home or away has no significance in this case.

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Boston is most disappointing in the sense that if they won game 7 they would have won the cup. But you could see that one coming since the team couldn't score and their defence was in major trouble without Hamuis among other things.

The loss to Minnesota was a total joke, Vancouver were the superior team but Cloutier was terrible and they blew what should have been a series win. Not only that they had a pretty easy Ducks team in the next round and a pretty reasonable shot at winning the cup against New Jersey. This was Naslund/Bert/Jovo/Mo/Ohlund's etc chance to win, this was their 94 or 11 but they stunk things up so bad they choked to Minnesota.

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