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who do the canucks have to trade?


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so im sitting here and thinking the deadline is coming .....

and looking at teams like the leafs who have many assets mcarthur, gardiner, liles

and im thinking of other teams around the league oilers, la all have assets

but then i go to the canucks and its like they have nobody anyone would want lol

seriously prospect pool UNPROVEN

goaltending NO market

booth ? yea okay

lol the canucks have no1 to trade that teams would actaully want its going to be a slow deadline day for us this year....

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once again

raymond and higgins are ufa's

be realistic here why would a team want these guys... and at the point the canucks are your saying we will trade higgins hes been our best player that once again leaves a massive hole in the line up...

im telling you guys gonna be a slow day

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Possibly we might see a Schneider trade? I am not trying to start anything I don't really care at this point which goalie is traded just think Van could get more for Schiends then they could for Lu do to Lu's contract and age. I also think if AV is not fired then Gillis should do the right thing and trade Ballard.

didnt know that .. thanks for the info .. well if he agreed to a trade and we got a good package Id do it .. dont be so sure gillis wouldnt ..

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