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  1. Can you read? I said rotate the 3 of them at 4 line RW....
  2. Like to see Mac Highmore and Bailey as 4th line RW depending on what we're matching up against
  3. The out of conference discount, would have been much harder for canucks to acquire
  4. You ain't getting 9OA for a guy who played 9 games last year mate
  5. I would offer Lind + OJ + Second Lind is trending the right way despite putting up 0 points in 7 games @ NHL level he'll get another shot, and if anyone knows a thing or two about development paths its Det. If anyone can get the most out of OJ it would be Det plus he would have lots of chances for ice time here. Second is self explanatory. Keep in mind Bertuzzi only played like 9 games this year
  6. yawn.. Stanley Cup finals is the best showcase of hockey there is
  7. getting some Petey vibes from the North Van kid
  8. I'm all over Edler on 1 year deals in the 1.5-2.5 range, I want guys like Rathbone and OJ to take the spot from Eddy and not be gifted. Injuries are inevitable and you need solid D who can step in the line-up and play legit minutes, doesn't hurt to have some depth. Not to mention the fact that Edler on a discount gives us some extra cap to play witth
  9. Only way it makes sense is if Tampa retained 1.5-2m, I like the idea though, better than most proposals on you see.
  10. one of the better, more realistic proposals ive seen in recent times. Like the idea of Grigorenko on a reclamation project but definitely not on 3 years, don't think his play this year warrants a 3 yr deal on almost 2.5m, would give him 1 year 2m show me contract Anisimov Im partial on, I would take him 1 year under a mil for sure, nothing more. Paquette I am all over would be a great add for the 4th line Hakanpaa I have never heard of or seen really seen play but I would say its pretty safe to assume hes good at D if he managed to go +0 with only 1 point in 41 games, as well as the fact that he dressed 41 games with 1 point lol, adds some much needed size on our back end hopefully take that tough front of net bruiser role off of Eddie a bit? Would love some info on this guy
  11. I guess this mentality is why only 1 Swedish captain has ever won the Stanley cup in NHL history I partially retract this statement because take a look at Gabe Landeskog tonight and what he did, that fight, sticking up for his teammate Rantanen after a questionable hit, comes back sets up a goal, scores a goal, Gordie Howe Hattrick, thats how you set the tone as a leader, how you can tell me fighting isn't apart of the fabric of hockey is laughable
  12. I guess only fools stand-up for their teammates then? sounds pretty selfish not to defend your teammate to not risk any unnecessary injuries... I could literally name 50 players off the top of my head who were elite players who also fought, are those guys all fools & not "smart ones'? I will die on a hill defending the Sedins but a lot of nights of they had more push-back or truculence they would have gotten a lot more of the respect they deserved for themselves
  13. Fighting is apart of the code, apart of the fabric of hockey. Not because it generates money lmfao. I'll put my house on the fact that more players themselves support fighting than don't. Dirty players need some way to be held accountable, as well as a way to relieve tension in a game if dirty plays are going back and forth. It is a much needed equalizer and aspect of the game of hockey. If you think fighting is just about generating money i recommend that you check out the documentary 'Ice Guardians' on Netflix
  14. Jimbos 2017 Draft looking pretty good rn

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      2014 as a whole looks more impressive.  Too bad things weren't handled differently (eg., trading a couple of them for garbage players)

    2. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Too early to tell aside from Pettersson. I don’t want to get too hopeful, being a Canucks far for so long has taught me never to get my hopes up

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