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Simple Proposal, Built for Playoffs

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Sedin 6.1 –Sedin 6.1 –Kassian .844 – Give this line a chance, will surprise people

Booth 4.25 –Kesler 5 –Briere 2.5 –Booth, Kes will give briere space

Hansen 1.3 -Boyle 1.7 –Burrows 4.5 –PKers and shutdown line

Higgins 2.5 –Hendricks 1.5 -(Whoever earns it) – Real nice fourth line, can chip in offensively, responsible defensively and will do well on faceoffs

Pinizzotto, Sestito combined 0.8

Injury calls ups: Schroeder, Jensen, Sweat etc. 0.75





Schneider 4

Lack 0.75

Forwards: 37.844

D: 21.425

G: 4.75

Total: 64.019 million

This lineups tight against the cap, and it doesn’t look that much better than our line up this year, however I think with a new coach these subtle changes would be very effective, just an idea.


Briere after he is bought out for a modest 2.5 million, he will be paid 3.33 per year so 2.5 to be on a Canadian contender for a 1-2 year deal is no biggie.


Any combination of late draft picks and rights to may ray and or roy, ballard for Boyle, I think he will be easy to get from NYR as Boyle had a bad year, Think he would look awesome in between Hansen and burrows , love the big body, and hehas a cheap contract and is still young at 28.

Whatever wasn’t traded for boyle can be used in Lui Deal or for late picks

Luongo for prospects or draft picks to any team that will take his contract

Kassian will be able to protect the twins better next year than any other Winger on our team, he has the potential and drive to develop into a power forward over the next few years, based off his early season success with them, I see no reason why he could not blossom into an ideal winger for the twins under the right coach and become an easy 30 goal guy.

Booth will rebound, he had flashes of brilliance with us, he hits hard, plays hard, Is fast, is keslers buddy, I like booth and think he will rebound with a recovery offseason and a healthy start. With Briere his experience will flow through the locker room and team, keslers and booths speed and size will open up the ice for briere to make plays and set them up for shots, they will all go to the dirty areas to score.

Hansen boyle and burrows would be a nightmare to play against the tenacious style of play by Hansen and burrows plus the grit and size of boyle would be a nightmare. They would shut top lines down, and score, as hansens hands are continuing to catch up to his feet.

Our fourth line will have Higgins who can slot into our top 9 in case of injury or a bad game, Hendricks a reliable C with a solid face off % and a hard workinging winger whoever earns it, they will not be a liability, and will score an odd goal.

Team has everything, is built for playoff hockey, we would dominate regular season like we have, and this time come playoffs we would be ready!

Not much comments on the D, Garrision has adjusted to our team now, our whole D core will have a better year next year, I am not worried about them, And with the emergence of Tanev and the display of corrado I am not worried. I would like to keep Alberts though for depth.

Its not crazy, its nothing huge, our future isn’t sacrificed, our bottom six is revamped by two new Centres, and a veteran winger is added to compliment our secondary scoring, Booth will rebound, Kassian will flourish given the opportunity.

All our C will have high FO %'s above 55% as well

If this team craps out than we can resign the sedins for discounts , clear out the useless players who take cap, and than make some big big moves to just go for it all!

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I'm happy with that lineup, but good luck getting Boyle out of New York.

Only problems are our defence is a tad thin, with two kids (Tanev and Corrado) playing on the blueline, we deserpately need a veteran greybeard more than ever. Just about every team in the playoffs right now has one, we don't and after losing Salo guys like Bieksa, Edler and even Hamhuis at times have been panicky. That should be one of our main priorities.

We'll also need to find a proper backup goalie. Lack had a bad season in the AHL, and is definately not NHL-ready. Meanwhile, Schneider still hasn't played more than 30 regular season games so who knows how he'll fare for 60-70.

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