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  1. Ya not sure what it is but their performances thus far have left a lot to be desired.
  2. So I’m ready for pettersson and or Miller to take over a game or even just be game breakers in one game. they really haven’t looked good to me to start the year
  3. Not really. But he helps makes up for trading our first two years in a row. FOR SURE I feel we cannot trade or 2022 1st unless it’s a very special trade that brings in young stud rhd that’s a sure thing.
  4. Sorry don’t understand that question. it doesn’t relate to my post at all. bo went back to junior for a year and was a top 10 pick.
  5. I don’t know if he makes our team next year. He needs to work on his overall game but maybe in two years is more realistic. very very promising start to this young mans career with our club though. I agree he will be better than Guenther as I’m not that high on Dylan to begin with
  6. I don’t remember the last time we drafted a kid who went straight to the ahl and impressed early let alone a second round pick this is amazing. Already a win even if he busts I don’t care. Feels like a win today
  7. A lumberjack fin called Johnny Fin or a baby Fin / fin Jr or Johnny Canuck
  8. Has there ever been a season where the schedule has been in our favour? Lol I think the amount of travel we do will be reduced now with Seattle a little but we always are the most travelled and/or have a terrible schedule
  9. Ya when I play sports I’m the same way. He needs to think less and just play. Honestly think he needs to add a daily mediation to his life. As silly as this sounds the talents all there and he’s a smart hockey player but when he try’s to do to much, or you can see him overthinking things he forces the play and turns it over he will figure it out
  10. Honestly I can’t stand hirsch or JG. play by play shorty is great. JG: talks about when he was a goalie, old school goalies, good and he always goes YES. hirsch: similar to JG and just sounds awful at times ive been watching away broadcasts whenever I can just to give my ears a break to be honest
  11. Well Hughes does a great job with puck possession and protection. It looked to me like Miller and petey turned it over a lot on our pp trying to force things
  12. Me too I was pleasantly surprised. It was kind of funny when they did the podz goal recap lol
  13. Missing boeser big time especially with how great he looked last year. Really feel like this is the season boeser really takes off
  14. As bias as they are they were very fair on this play for sure
  15. Him and hoglander have some similarities. Really like garlands playing style
  16. I agree. Tonight was a rough game for him. I also found it strange how our pp struggled to set up more than 5v5
  17. Ya I wasn’t impressed with Miller too. Especially his shoot out attempt that was one I think he will like to forget. OEL I hope everyone is at ease now.
  18. What a game! Lots of fun to watch. Especially when we have so many new faces, some injuries, a wonky camp and preseason etc really encouraged by what we saw and think it’s only going to improve. horvat should be in the top 3 shooters though always I think.
  19. And just like that everyone’s starting line ups are wrong haha Pearson - Horvat - Garland Miller - Pettersson - Chiasson Highmore - Dickinson - Höglander Dowling - Lammikko - Podkolzin OEL - Myers Hughes - Poolman Rathbone - Burroughs Demko very curious how this group and these lines / pairings play together.
  20. Very True ok I see your point
  21. Why hasn’t he landed anywhere then? Do you think it’s Personal reasons if it’s not for his playing ability
  22. Well demers wasn’t even good enough to eat some minutes in Arizona. Wasn’t he dropped to hlthe third pair then scratched a bunch? and the fact he isn’t signed yet by any team or even a pto doesn’t look great.
  23. Sorry mate you can’t play that game with the past. if we never drafted OJ and we got Tkachuk, Serg or Chych every year after would have been different. To the point we cannot even say if we would have gotten EP, QH OR that 9th overall to trade. And you are leaving out Garland who was a key piece in that trade.. im with you in the sense I wanted Sergachev and was outspoken about it on draft day but oh well move on! the JV and OJ misses brought us to QH and EP. let’s be greatful we were able to get lottery quality picks without ever winning a lottery. and preseason success means nothing. There have been years we have killed it in the ore season then been dreadful all year. So don’t panic yet.
  24. I disagree with you in regards to JV. And I feel both OJ and JV both didn’t pan out for the exact same reason. they don’t have the work ethic and professional attitude required to be a high pedigree player. But they came with a high degree of arrogance and entitlement. JV came into camp out of shape far too many times. that was not Bennings fault. The case that they brought him to the NHL to early has merit but what’s McCanns excuse then? He’s become an impactful nhler and he had a more difficult position and a less nhl ready frame than JV in that year they made the team a little early. also Jake had an unfavorable situation with the hitmen. The coaching staff weren’t using him correctly there and he was becoming a one trick pony where he would blow by guys or overpower / overwhelm them with his speed and size go outside and just blow the puck by the goalie. an extremely low percentage play in the pros. it could be argued that another year in junior and he could have just cemented bad habits that would not translate to the pros well at all. let’s be real JB didn’t ruin JV. JV was given every opportunity to develop into a top 6 winger here. And JB sure as hell didn’t have any involvement in JV sexual conquests / misconducts that have pushed him out of the league.
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