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Van-Car (edler)

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Vancouver trade - Edler, Cannata

Carolina trades - jay harrison, ryan murphy

Vancouver trades Edler to open a spot for tanev in the top 4 and relieve some cap space, Garrison can take over the powerplay and plays better defensively then edler. We have great goalie prospects unlike carolina.

We get Harrison who is a great 3rd pairing defensemen who is on a low paying contract for 3 years, is big, and pretty reliable. We also get Murphy who was selected 12th overall a couple of years ago. He is a small skilled defensemen who can improve our crapty defense prospect pool.

Carolina has a very weak defence and edler could be their #1 guy, they also lack an offensive specialist to help them on their powerplay. They also get a decent goalie prospect to play in their ahl team.

Tanev will take a low paying 2 year deal because he knows he is guaranteed top 4 minutes if this trade happens. If we sign him to 1.5m to two years it leaves us with 6.3m in cap space, so we could sign a guy like brunner or grabovski. Cap works for both teams. Carolina would have a bit under 1.5m to sign a 4th line center and a depth forward.

Defense pairs

Hamhuis Bieksa

Garrison Tanev

Harrison Corrado

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Ryan Murphy has some upside, but he won't be anything more than a second pairing d-man playing on the PP.

Can we stop undervaluing Edler so much for Pete's sake.. It's almost like some of you would be willing to throw him away for the absolute minimum he can fetch us if you were the GM of this team....

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