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I've been playing Candy Crush for the a month now too...pretty addicting to be quite honest : p anyways, here are some games you can try in no particular order:

Lumosity - game/activity to keep the brain moving.

Tetris Blitz - basically Tetris but has a few upgrades you can use.

4 pics 1 word - sure you've heard of it but gets annoying when your stuck.

BTD Battles - a simpler version of the computer game Balloons Tower Defense.

Can You Escape - weird game at first but interesting after. Title says it all, can you escape? Different levels and all.

Subway Surfers - kinda like Temple Run but fairly different. Simple, fun, and addicting.

Flow Free - puzzle game where you have to connect colour with pipe to create a flow. Fun game nonetheless.

Fruit Ninja - slice fruits for points and get combos for extra points.

Cut The Rope - cut the rope and drop down your player to complete levels. Game is about timing and precision.

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I have bunch of game apps, should probably delete some....but here's a few notables...


Dungeon Plunder (if you're into this sorta thing, graphics aren't entirely wowing but I enjoy the gameplay)

Wooden Labyrinth 3D by Elias Pietilla (FULL version is free right now don't know for how long, just got it pretty fun)

Jet Pack Joyride (halfbrick games are enjoyable)

The Sandbox

Kingdom Rush (it's currently $0.99 in App Store however it's being promoted by IGN as their App of the Month for August; by going here http://ca.ign.com/prime/promo/kingdomrush-iphone then clicking the "Get My Code" you'll receive an exclusive Promo Code redeemable once. Click the code and allow it to launch the AppStore. Full copy of Kingdom Rush free.)


Plague Inc. (cultivating a disease to end the world)

Block Fortress (minecraft like game with a twist, personally enjoy it more than minecraft PE)

Fruit Ninja (fun slicin da fruits)

Anodia (brick breaker type game arguably best one out there, managed to get full version free when it was free app a day thing; not free anymore I think)

Worm Run (quite challenging)

Simple Physics

Oddly enough most of the paid games I listed I actually managed to get for free, with exception to Plague and BF.

Don't know what your personal preferences are but yea there's my list. Have fun on your flight!

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https://itunes.apple...d479516143?mt=8 - Minecraft PE; Amazing Time Killer. Its Minecraft...on your phone, build a house, kill an hour. lol

https://itunes.apple...d549105915?mt=8 - True Skate; Awesome little skateboard game; takes some practice, but once you start to get the hang of it, its a blast; Its my addiction right now.

https://itunes.apple...d533079551?mt=8 - Dead Trigger, FPS Zombie killing fun.

https://itunes.apple...d561048152?mt=8 - Shadowgun; Another FPS

https://itunes.apple...d400882072?mt=8 - Flick! Golf A really neat golf game, alot more fun than I thought it would be!

https://itunes.apple...d516349924?mt=8 - one of my favourite games; Slingshot Racing.

https://itunes.apple...d415997203?mt=8 - World of Goo, Fun blobs. :P

https://itunes.apple...d382991304?mt=8 - Osmos HD, Fun

https://itunes.apple...d517642765?mt=8 - Weaphones; not sure how accurate it is, but - Neat little time killer

https://itunes.apple...d562989701?mt=8 - Vector; Parkour jumping/swiping game, fun.

If you've got some cash to spend before your flight; I would also suggest a Bluetooth controller & some Emulators.

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