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BC Ferries reservations


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Hi guys,

Has anyone ever made use of BC Ferries online reservation feature for the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay sailings? What exactly are the advantages? Do you avoid the long lineups and are gurranteed a spot on the sailing of your choosing?

My family is going over the the island this weekend.


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Exactly what Inane said.

Although there is no special line-up to get to the terminal toll booth, once inside all the reservations are put in a special lane (or two). Then when loading starts, all the reservation cars get on first.

If you have any sort of time restrictions, it is worth it on a busy summer weekend. Any other time of the year, I don't bother.

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Pfff it's only 15 bucks, what is that over what you're paying already. If you have to be on a ferry then you should, but you do kind of feel silly sitting in the reservations lane on a half-full ferry.

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