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  1. Free with your prescription of Viagra
  2. It's not strange. You had to sanitize to get in the office. You are both wearing masks. He sanitizes his hands probably 50 times a day. It's about as low risk as you can get. It's ok to be aware but it's about as sterile a setting you can be in
  3. i was beinf facetious for the most part but you are right.
  4. It's what we did here too though. Essential business remained open but pretty much the same thing and ofc cases were super low. It was as everything started opening back up and ppl threw caution to the wind, we've seen it ramp back up. No we are at a crossroads. Do you impose a similar style lockdown again with the same poor outcomes (job loss, sanity loss, etc) or do you just try to manage outbreaks until there is a measure of control of the spread? There is no smoking gun of an answer on how to proceed. France and Italy are crumbling again too so it's not a rosy outlook worldwide either.
  5. To further that, the higher the case load go without a significant increase in deaths, it lowers the overall mortality rate which is a key measuring point. Rate of ICU admission and mortality rate being low are likely why we are currently not seeing the economic shutdown that we experienced earlier this year. Many assume that the more than have it, the higher the chances of death or grave illness which is not true based on these rates. It kinda sucks that our government appears to be letting the virus run amok and putting the onus on the population to be smarter about their lifestyle choices d
  6. Why do they have to police it at all? Just simply follow the guidelines. Stay home for the most part. Limit social engagements to a select few and even then make the frequency low. Wear a mask in indoor places where you can't safely distance. Are people that dependent on needing someone else to interpret the guidelines for them? They are in simple English. If you aren't sure, err on the side of caution. Instead people are taking liberties and more people are catching it - surprise, surprise. I'm willing to play ball with whatever the health authorities say. I don't
  7. I've had my son tested twice and daughter once. My daughter was recent, test was done this past Friday at noon and we got results Sunday at 8pm. For my son's two test, both results had results back in about the same window of time.
  8. Instead of worry about hand sanitizer, just was your hands like you do to avoid any germ transmission. It's proven more effective. Realistically, hand sanitizer should only be used when there is no nearby hand washing facility. The government of BC is doing the best job they can - as are the other provinces. There is no blueprint here. They are all trying a measured approach to manage outbreaks. The majority of the burden lies on the citizens of this country to follow the guidelines in place. If this is unacceptable to you, then so be it. But I don't see you coming up with a proact
  9. Yet grocery store, liquor store, home improvement store, etc etc employee's have been mask free, at least in my community, the whole time and very few got sick/died. But keep beating the dead horse.
  10. Wouldn't you rather have control over how the setup is though? Or would you rather have someone who was handed a plan and told to implement it even if the plan stunk? What will likely happen is that some set of rules will be implemented and the staff will think it's ineffective and vote within their school to change them to a smarter more effective setup. All the ministry can do is give schools a framework to modify to suit their needs as long as certain controls are followed.
  11. At the same time they go distance learning figured out in a decent time frame all things considered.
  12. They are making an educated decision. They have much more data and experts who are making calculated decisions with the data they have at hand. Just because you don't agree with it, doesn't mean it's the wrong way to go. So far BC and Alberta have taken different approaches and both have been successful. Why question what their leaders are doing now? It's not like they don't care about the potential risks like you seem to think. Contrary to your worry, plenty of businesses stayed open the whole time up to today with little incidence of wild spread. In fact, it's been contained quit
  13. Makes sense for the UK due to the size of the outbreak. Canada is a much different scenario. Just like the provinces all having different approaches, all countries will have different approaches. It doesn't make any of them wrong, just different based on the data they have.
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