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doom and gloom will go away part one (defense)


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So all the typical bandwagoners have been getting their hate on everything to do with canucks, torts and gillis. Yes the team has been so injured this last few months but we still are close to a playoff spot maybe we can squeak in and pull a kings move like 2yrs ago. canucks have 18 days off during olympics we should hopefully be mostly healthy, plenty of time to heal up plus trade deadline is march 5th.

Lets discuss defense

edler - healthy could be moved for a top six forward (wings, pens, nyr could see making a play for him)

hamhuis - minor injury still going to olympics stud eats big minutes

tanev - broken thumb has had great yr has big trade value and needs to be resigned

bieska - heart of team bruised foot or leg should be good to go when breaks over

stanton -stoen from hawks gritty and has offense

diaz - stole him from habs for a plug fourth liner mobile d

garrison - bc boy streaky hopefully break helps him find back of net

weber - upper body injury decent 6th dman

corrado - played decent in call ups doesnt look outaplace

sauve - might be trade bait at deadline played ok in call up

alberts - not sure how concussion is but if ready to go after break hes trade bait torts never had confidence in him

when breaks over our defense will be crazy solid

hamhuis tanev

edler/garrison diaz

stanton bieska


sauve corrado back to comets alberts/weber trade bait unless we decide to unload one of our top 4 in a major trade

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