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  1. Is this site slow on computers? It's been really slow for my phone for like a month.

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    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      My only advice would be check the Internet browser your using for any updates, and then check and see if there are any software updates for the computer, then last unplug the Internet modem for 5 mins and plug it all back in and see if it's any quicker.


      There is also the possibility maybe too many devices are being run on the Internet where you are, if others are watching videos online that will slow your Internet down big time, but I don't know your situation so not sure just throwing out suggestions. 

    3. TNucks1


      little slow on my Phone, Computer havent had many issues, but back in like march april was having issues.

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      Chuck Norris gives computer advice?  Is there isn't he can't do? :o

  2. Contract rejected(front loaded) by NHL, so probably a bit of restructuring with the Kraken.
  3. I think they might have made it to another Cup Final with him in net, but they ditched him back to back years.
  4. They need to trade for Eichel, as their core forwards just aren't good enough. I'm sure Buffalo would like Gaudreau, Monahan, picks etc... they can even flip those two for more picks
  5. Yes! And if Vancouver didn't play so bad, he would have cost them game 7 with his 5 minute major.
  6. Yes, he always seemed so damn overvalued! A 3rd is high for a 4th liner who doesn't actually play hockey. Pens got him (and a 2nd rounder) for a 1st rounder and player before...
  7. Forwards and goalie are great going into next season. Defense is still a mess, and I'm praying OEL and Hughes rebound because we're depending on them.

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    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      A lot of pressure on this new defensive coach imo, because people are going to want results especially after last season, it was bad. I'm also not a fan of Green and I feel he should also be on a short leash similar to how MTL did with Julien, if this team next season is sill playing the majority of the game in their own zone and being out shot in more games, then something has to change and a new coach needs be broght in, tired of watching this team rely so heavily on the goaltender to win them games.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      If we struggle then Shaw will be promoted to head coach.

    4. Phil_314


      The defensive coach better find successful partners for each of our puck-movers.  Poolman and Myers definitely aren't the most awe-inspiring but I wonder if we'd have our best chance with Hamonic next to OEL to take the tough minutes (think Travis was the best RD we had), and Rathbone with Myers (they looked like they did pretty decent), and hopefully Poolman gels with Hughes.

  8. I have his bobblehead from when he was with the Moose lol.
  9. I always thought Anderson was overrated, even back in his Ducks days. He can still be serviceable, but I would have stayed the course with Neddy
  10. 2.5M is a luxury on the 3rd pairing. That means we have to cut that out from somewhere else. Is Poolman who you want to be giving extra money for what he's worth, or would you rather give that money elsewhere (3rd line center, top 4 dman)? We still have to sign Hughes and Petey, and they'll have to come in cheaper to fit this in.
  11. I'm not a fan of Poolman, and really wish it was a 2 year deal. 4 years is a lot to commit to a bottom pairing dman we haven't seen yet. This also brings us back to being defensive while struggling to transition the puck.
  12. I like this, gives Hart a solid backup to alleviate pressure
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