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  1. I'm hoping this is Vanek for Motte or at the very worst, a Glendening for Forsling.
  2. Sure am glad we didn't pay just over 1m more for a legit top 6 winner in Toffoli... 2 year deal should have been the max.
  3. I think they'll do a points percentage thing over playing meaningless games. For potential playoff teams (the 4th and 5th place teams that are close enough) they can do a one game or 3 game play in (I don't think we need a 5 game play-in, especially since it might only be 2 or 4 teams involved this time around).
  4. Pearson is like Chris Higgins, where he is a great option for 3rd line scoring, and he can be okay in the top 6 if an injury occurs, but you don't want him as a mainstay in your top 6.
  5. Toffoli was the only big hit, and I hope we don't sign Pearson to a contract close to that (i'm hoping for 2 year 3M, which is still not worth it compared to what Tofu brings).
  6. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Did the NFL update tie breakers with the new schedules? I would like to see teams that play an extra road game given the advantage over teams with the extra home game.
  7. Canada doesn't allow single bets. So for instance, you can't pick Vancouver to win, you would have to pick Vancouver to win and the over/under.
  8. I'm not even sure if those bets are legal in Canada. That's an awesome win though!
  9. Ehhh Makar is in the running for the Norris, despite missed time. I think Makar is the better defenseman this season, but we'll see if Hughes can get back on track soon.
  10. If it's a modified NTC no. Only NMCs have to be protected.
  11. "Hey Tampa, what do you think of a deal surrounding Eriksson for Stralman? We could add a mid-late pick too!" "Ehhh I don't think Florida would go for it, and please stop calling me for advice on your trade proposals"
  12. I'd say his biggest recent mistake was not re-signing Toffoli to a solid deal; if you take him off Montreal and put him on our team, we're in the playoffs and Montreal is easily out. We lack depth, despite all the money put into it. Right now, our bottom 2 lines are out there to kill time and rest our top 2 lines, and our defense still lacks identity and balance.
  13. Yes please!!! This will make it so much easier to win money haha. Parlays are difficult.
  14. I hate living in winnipeg when we get rocked by the Jets...letting a depth player score 4 goals is embarrassing... Someone in winnipeg gets to enjoy 100K now lol.
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