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    NFL thread

    Ertz finally traded. Ertz was Wentz's go-to guy, but Wentz left and Goedert replaced ZE as the #1 TE (better blocker too).
  2. I'm old enough to remember Taylor Pyatt in his prime.
  3. I wanted to bet on Stralman scoring in the Arizona Columbus game but it wouldn't let me...it paid 11:1:(

  4. The other factor is how many times do they take draws on their strong side. You have 4 possibilities: 1) Strong hand (SH) versus Weak Hand (WH) 2) SH versus SH 3) WH Versus SH 4) WH versus WH You'd expect above 50% if you are SH versus WH, below 50% for WH vs SH,and approximately 50% for the neutral cases. Of course there is synergy to these factors as well, as being SH vs WH in the offensive zone will give you an even greater advantage. On the flip side, you could see a bit of a cancelling out too, where you are WH vs SH, but in the O-zone. I'd still expect the SH to win more than the WH, but the difference should be smaller with the zone advantage.
  5. I understand them putting Ottawa ahead of Vancouver, as Vancouver is battling with Toronto, Edmonton, etc...during this window, so Ottawa will have the best chance in the next window. I don't get the love some (Sportsnet panel especially) have for Winnipeg. Helly is great, but he hasn't wowed anyone during the playoffs, and their top guns don't tend to do great either. They did improve their defence, but I don't think that's enough to put them over the hump.
  6. They'll have to make budget cuts, so expect the backup goalie to drive the zamboni during intermissions.
  7. Not blaming the refs for the loss, but they missed 3 blatant penalties on the Oilers. Petey looks like he needs more time to work out the kinks, as I think he would have normally scored that goal in overtime.
  8. Yes! I bought his book and read a few chapters. He has such interesting stories and a life of experience to share that many of these analysts don't have.
  9. Definitely a rough start to the year, I don't think the structure and chemistry is there, especially on the powerplay. I have no idea why Dowling was on the 2nd unit either...
  10. I think it's true. At this point, we should only trade to get over the hump in the playoffs (say a couple 2nd/3rd round exits). You need first round picks to continue to be successful. Look at what happened to Boston compared to Vancouver after 2011...Boston continued to be successful and implement youth, while the Canucks struggled with their current ageing lineup and limited prospects. We have a young lineup now, but I want to continue to pump solid young players for our farm teams and be able to grow from within when free agents leave.
  11. Do the jerseys still look like fondant? I wouldn't mind playing again, but EASHL is my main online mode (still hate the cookie cutter builds). I've never been a fan of the skating, as I feel everyone skates too fast for too long (I know there are sliders, but it still sucks), and everyone can seemingly snipe every shot (I usually put the shot accuracy and power down) due to the puck physics. How is the AI?
  12. c00kies

    NFL thread

    7 years is a long time for a football player, but OBJ definitely didn't continue his dominant path
  13. Evgeni Malkin. We get him at the Trade Deadline and he rips through the end of the season and playoffs as we win our first Stanley Cup!
  14. I'm a Yankees fan, so I was obviously upset by the result yesterday (though I felt Boston would win, I was hoping for a closer game). I hope Boston gets swept!
  15. Reddit beat you to the punch with this thread, but I would say no.
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