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Eddie Lack is on his way out of van with Jensen/Corrado and our 3rd 2015 for a young PMD

2015 3rd belongs to Anaheim.

Hopefully the Canucks will be sniffing at or around 8th place when the trade deadline comes. That's when you can get a rental or two in order to improve your chances. The only problem is that the Canucks don't have much to offer in a trade. The prospect pool is in relatively rough shape and the 2015 draft is just too deep to offer up any picks.

I have a feeling this is going to end up being a write off year for the Nucks.

Canucks won't be rental buyers at the deadline, that's not the big picture plan. Unless the team suddenly gets it together and appears to have a chance to contend, the goal is simply to be competitive every night and make the playoffs. Management has righted the ship back to level, and is ready to get steaming forward.

Benning is analyzing the team right now to see who fits and who doesn't, and moves after the 10 or 20-game mark or so won't be unexpected. Likely nothing major, but he could well move a couple pieces to free up roster spots to insert Bo for example and may have even hid Sanguinetti as a means to be able to bring him in without waivers. I'd expect them to be net sellers at the deadline, depending on where they're sitting in the standings, but only for the right deal as they'll likely be in a battle to make the show.

This year isn't a "write-off" per say, but an evaluation and a bit of treading water while we await the arrival of the youngsters. Depending on their progress next year could be that as well, but likely more of a transition to youth as a couple of them move into the lineup -- would expect minimally Horvat, Jensen, and Corrado to be in. This fits in well with the FA signings of 2-3 years, plus what's left on various existing contracts (Higgins, Burrows, Bieksa, Hamhuis, etc.). Benning and Linden certainly have patience equity built up, as long as people see a plan is in place and the team is playing entertaining and competitive hockey for the most part. Benning's in no rush or panic, but seems like the kind of guy that won't wait around either if things go south. I highly doubt the roster remains as it is through November.

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The 'Nucks have quality in the system, but it is lacking quantity. It can definitely be rectified, but the Canucks still have another couple of playoff runs left in them before the Sedins retire so there won't be much selling of current players. The next two drafts are very crucial for the future of the franchise (especially 2015) because that's where the Canucks can make up the quantity aspect.

I want to see a near future SC final between the Sabres and the Canucks.

My friend, there's a better chance that your head will fall off tomorrow, unfortunately.

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