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  1. Irrational conjecture, politics, and virtue signaling. Oh, and pimping for the pharmaceutical industry of course. Par for the course for most of society today.
  2. Muzzle up like an obedient NPC or suffer the consequences, slaves. The arbitrary tyranny of Chancellor Henry will not be defied.
  3. A Leaf-blower trolling Canuck fans? Nothing new.
  4. With that first round pick that got us a PPG player, the Mystery Box might have even ended up a PPG player.
  5. https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-of-almost-QgixZj4y3TwnS
  6. He can and likes to hit as well, especially in open ice.
  7. Worst-kept secret. Let's hope he's matured the past three years, and is willing to pay the price to make it here. If not, what else -- go to another KHL team? He needs to settle down and make a career commitment.
  8. Not ideal but could see running with both Benn and Fantenberg in the lineup post-TDL as we wait for Tryamkin to return, if we were to move Stecher. Brisebois and Sautner are capable and proven fill-ins should there be injuries in the meantime. Get the feeling Benning will try to re-sign Tanev, but depends of course if he wants to stay or test UFA.
  9. He had said he was confused and not fond of all the extra-curricular stuff that goes on, especially when he had to fight Benn after hitting him clean. Perhaps from knowing the game now and maturity, he's better-prepared to deal with it. And in reality, if/when he establishes himself and his reputation, he won't need to do much of that stuff because most people won't want to mess with him.
  10. Check back in this thread say... between pages 300 and 1000. Non-stop disparaging and ridiculing by him, the frog, and their usual 2-3 other Jake-mocking buddies that polluted this thread daily, calling anyone with patience "blind fanboys" and such. And as if we didn't KNOW he'd come back with "Oh, I knew he had it in him, I've always been a fan." The block feature is what's made this thread bearable the past 5 years. Good on ya Jake, shove that crow right down their pieholes.
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