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  1. Muzzle up like an obedient NPC or suffer the consequences, slaves. The arbitrary tyranny of Chancellor Henry will not be defied.
  2. With that first round pick that got us a PPG player, the Mystery Box might have even ended up a PPG player.
  3. He can and likes to hit as well, especially in open ice.
  4. Hughes is tied for 10th in league scoring for defencemen, as a rookie. He's already there. But you KNOW that "he won't ever be as good as X, Y, Z..." with such certainty after just 51 games in the NHL? Recently an article was posted on how Hughes is actually producing as a "shut-down" dman already, best on the Canucks. He may not play the PK but he knows how to defend and is very effective at it. He's already a two-way defenceman and only just turned 20. He's not Jordan Subban, the kid knows how to play. Not wise to underestimate him in any way, imo.
  5. It's not a zero-sum game, or that a player is either offensive or defensive to the exclusion of the other. Hughes plays D very well, he's not "purely offensive." It's more about getting good matches that work well together. You could have 6 offensively-talented defencemen and still have a solid defense overall.
  6. Because he saw a guy looking to light him up with an open-ice hit. Was he supposed to just keep skating into it and get clobbered? Hoglander "initiated" a response to what was coming. He was clearly not the initiator of the physical play. What, was Denisenko just blindly skating around, or maybe looking for a simple poke-check yet going right at him?
  7. Based on what? There is NOTHING in him like Marchand, who intentionally seeks to injure other players while also embellishing and faking injury. In short, he disrespects other players and the game itself. Hoglander from all I've seen is much more like Bure -- a smaller skilled guy who will not only play physically but won't take any crap from others who try to take advantage of them. Where are the intentional cheap shots, the slewfoots, the intents to injure, the embellishment, the faking of injury?
  8. He didn't reverse hit in October, he swung his arm around to try to deflect. The elbow connected, so he got reprimanded. This is nonsense about "having to face repercussions", the kid is NOT like Marchand or Tkachuk out deliberately trying to injure other players. Please stop trying to equate them as if he's a dirty player like they are.
  9. There was nothing "cheap" or "iffy" or "dirty" about that play. Equating it with what Marchand does is completely fallacious. The only "reputation" possible from it is that he doesn't shy away from contact and will protect himself.
  10. Hoglander himself had the puck, and the guy was coming directly at him to hit him.
  11. ...and bring back Eddie Lack. Cuz Ian Clark.
  12. And tied for second overall for the entire league.
  13. Make that two assists. Tied with 2 others for 5th overall in league scoring. Also tied for 1st in assists.
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