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  1. Becoming part of a mass trial of an experimental gene therapy which won't be finished until 2023, the likes of which has never been approved or licensed, that causes your own body to produce the most malignant part of the virus,was only permitted for distribution because of an "emergency", and won't even prevent you from acquiring or spreading the virus because that's not what it was designed to do, against a pathogen with a 99.7% survival rate? And to top it off, if this experimental gene therapy harms you in any way, you have no legal recourse because the federal government gave them full legal immunity from any lawsuits? The pre-existing condition is simply common sense and a mere modicum of care for your life and well-being.
  2. Irrational conjecture, politics, and virtue signaling. Oh, and pimping for the pharmaceutical industry of course. Par for the course for most of society today.
  3. Muzzle up like an obedient NPC or suffer the consequences, slaves. The arbitrary tyranny of Chancellor Henry will not be defied.
  4. So you didn't even watch it, or again, simply didn't understand what he said. Hint: it was about the use of PCR for viruses and RNA in general.
  5. Yeah, but fortunately in Michigan the courts ruled their governor had far over-stepped her bounds in mandating all the lockdowns and tyranny upon her state. It's no different here, btw -- they instill unelected medical people as dictators, creating and enforcing mandates by fiat outside of the legislature, which is tyranny by definition. But most people don't care and cannot even see what's happening. Sad fact is they love fear and tyranny, and are going to continue to get it, good and hard.
  6. Dodging what point? The tests are PROVEN irrelevant and pointless, and the guy in question isn't even ill, same as most that take it. Did you even watch the video? Are you interested in facts, or just emoting and maintaining a level of fear and angst? Instead of name-calling, telling people what you think they believe, and falsely projecting their intentions, turn the TV off and do some (any?) real research ON YOUR OWN. Listen to what Mullis said, and understand what he said. The "test" simply identifies fragments of RNA, and has nothing to do with indicating if someone is infected, contagious, or even ill.
  7. As above, listen to the INVENTOR of the test. I do my own research and don't simply believe what the TV tells me, let alone politicians or their operatives like Fauci and Tam who continually contradict themselves.
  8. "Not a false positive" -- according to some reporter from Fox Sports? Surely a medical professional to make such a claim. So the team let a verifiably visibly ill player around the team and into the game?
  9. Fake news. Is the guy even sick or showing any signs of illness? No, it was just a "test", which means absolutely nothing. The PCR test is notoriously unreliable, yielding 89-94% false positives because it wasn't even designed for that purpose and thereby has zero correlation to whether someone is infected or contagious, let alone symptomatic. This ignorance, insanity, and fear-porn simply has to stop.
  10. Nice of the Flames to give jobs to our guys limping out of the infirmary.
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