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  1. Jack Fig

    Tokyo Olympics

    Then some other kid was robbed of a chance. Some kid who wouldn't have quit.
  2. Jack Fig

    Tokyo Olympics

    Quitting is a bigger disaster. Fine legacy that.
  3. It would have been somewhat discouraging to QO someone as nondescript as Hawryluk.
  4. I'm more than familiar with the past. I was just going for some easy humour.
  5. Overall, I like that Jim seems to be cleaning up a lot of stuff. Value-less contracts gone, Problem-Jake out, moving on from Edler. This camp should have a feel of newness to it with the core intact but plenty of new bodies coming in, too. Jim has gotten in touch with his ruthless side. It was necessary.
  6. I was a big advocate for the Canucks to draft Jake when they did. My apologies. The guy is dumb as a stump and it's time to go.
  7. I would be floored if the Canucks get 40 and 43 for a combined $14M. I'm thinking the damage will be considerably higher.
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