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another random game from my phone, with a couple of tweaks in the original story. i just switched (person's name to cdc usernames). in this game, we have members of cdc taking part! first come, first serve for calling dibs on your cdc guinea pigs, so choose wisely =p

you can choose up to three answers-- just choose a number(s) and bold your answer(s)

there are 3 username plays on the field. limited to only one per person. it's first come, first serve =p

i need:

(1) adjective - sticky

(2) cdc username - DeNiro

(3) species - human

(4) silly word - Pamplemousse

(5) plural noun - cucumbers

(6) species - marsupial

(7) noun - beer

(8) body part - elbow

(9) cdc username - Prismatic

(10) verb - troll

(11) cdc username - Bure-to-Mogilny

(12) adjective - itchy

(13) adjective - caterpillar-like

(14) verb - complain

(15) plural noun - fire extinguishers

(16) adjective - crunchy

(17) planet - Saturn

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The adventure of sticky DeNiro, the human, began when he was on the way to town Pamplemousse to buy some cucumbers. When halfway there, a mysterious marsupial said, "Hello, little human person, i have a message for you. The beer you wear around your elbow is powerful. if you take it to the great wizard, Prismatic, she can use it to troll the Dark Lord Bure-to-Mogilny forever!" Itchy, but caterpillar-like, DeNiro decided to take the beer to Prismatic with hopes to forever complain the fire extinguishers that cursed this land, the land of Crunchy-Saturn

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