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Why is it considered selfish to be childless by choice?

Do you want a child in some point of your life?  

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Instead of that,how about just find a woman who doesn't want children as well.

Just ignore him

pretty much the opposite...

many girls/women want marry earlier because they fear be alone for the rest of their lifes. However when they do this they marry a man that isn´t that great (douchebag) but the job is done and there´s a kid to be educated...

so for me I just want to have a nice relationship with some good girl/woman and IF I find that girl REALLY good then marry with her...

HOWEVER for me is plain simple. Marriage=Kids if I don´t want kinds so I don´t want marry because marriage means "long term engagement" so if the girl is hurried to marry me better be hurried to have kids to...

because If I gonna have to pass for that boring ceremony in the church/sinagoge/temple so better have a nice result of this. if it´s legalised in front of God/Allah/Buda etc. so I will demand kids after the ceremony. no excuse...

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