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Jake vs Burrows/ Sutter vs Vrbata

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I'm not sure if this ahs been posted or not, but i'm wondering if anyone feels the same as I do. With the team trying to move forward with more youth and the older guys now taking a back seat to the youngsters, does it not seem weird that Jake has not been given a shot on the vey etem line? I know burrows has some chemistry there, but i feel his game would more so fit the Dorsett/Sutter line. Jake's speed on the for check would help free pucks for Etem and Vey. Plus maybe the two of them can help Jake regain some of his Jr scoring touch. If that line clicks i feel you have a legit third line. Secondly I really feel we need to move Vrbata, he just has not found that click he had last year. i don't really care what for(well a dman that can play lol would be nice) but my question is would you play sutter there on the wing with Horvat and Sven? or would you rather have McCann there. What does the rest of CDC think?



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I think both of your points are correct. Virtanen playing on a speedy line with Etem and Vey could be beautiful. The only problem is Burrows, I don't know if he can stay on this team going into the future.

Yes, I think Sutter will eventually play winger for the Sedins or Bo. He's too good to be stuck on the 4th line for too long, even if he gets high minutes.  Vrbata is dead to me, he'll be gone soon. 

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