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  1. You may be right. Eichel can be a very impressive player almost at a level of MacKinnon imo. It's a damn shame if true and I lay the blame at the feet of Buffalo ownership and management.
  2. I'll try...... Shaw is the white knight and Baumer is the scapegoat
  3. The way I see it, every team is given 7 assets to play with every season and they can use those assets and the present roster to maintain or improve the squad. It's a fools errand to get hung up on exercising draft picks at the draft table. What you must do while rebuilding and drafting high, because you can't trade for these guys and they aren't often drafted outside of the top 10 is draft your top players. 1C, 1D (top goalies are generally drafted later so can be had most years). Check. It's certainly easier to draft top support players high so you do that whi
  4. The difference between Canadian and American teams is that when a rebuild is required, they won't do it. It's fear of fanbase rebellion. One of the issues the Flames had was their 1D was substantially older than the core. Now he's gone. D is now a little thin and they must be counting on the top guys staying healthy. They haven't had a 1C for some time. Monahan and Backlund are serviceable 2C's They're ok in goal now which was a big achievement last year. Something that was lacking since Kiprosov The thing now is that it's very difficult
  5. I think that OEL may take a lot of pressure of Hughes THIS season and maybe part of next season but is there any doubt that at some point Hughes will be the #1 and OEL will be the #3?
  6. Ya, all 4 lines are useful now. I guess it's a round about way of asking "peeps" if DiGuissepe, Dowling and Petan > Howryluk, Vessey and Boyd
  7. I think that Benning has been working over the bottom 6 for some time now. Obviously he is looking for better players at the right price. Last year he added: Highmore Hawryluk Vessey Boyd Mickaelis Highmore is the only one that is back. Highmore Dickinson DiGiuseppe Dowling Petan Keeping in mind that Garland was added to the top 6 so one of Hoglander or Pearson will be bumped down and Podkolzin will likely play on the 3rd line I expected that Hawryluk and Boyd would be retained as depth but no. Dick
  8. The only thing with Joulevi is his ability to turn because of his knee injury. Despite all of the above being true, he was getting burned by guys cutting to his left. I don't remember where I heard it but somebody said it can take a couple of years for full recovery with his type of injury. This is what Benning is waiting for before making a final judgement on Oli.
  9. Right wing, left shot. Green will try to convert.
  10. Where do you see Pearson long term? I see him on the 3rd line and Podz in the top 6
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