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  1. As THG said, you don't let a GM start signing people (Pearson) if you're going to fire him. So he guesses that Benning is here for at least one more year. There are of course some obvious changes coming up very soon and that is the 2nd contracts for both Petey and Hughes. Bridge deals likely. I think that Benning is in the process of turning the bottom 6 over. He needs places for some young players and he needs to shift some players out who he doesn't feel fit his ultimate team. Gaudette is gone. Virtanen has been shopped. He has been trying out Vessey, Hawryluk,
  2. You guys? I ain't no Habs fan. Bergevin is making his team bigger and it seems to be working.
  3. Virtanen wouldn't be claimed with that contract. Mete on the other hand is on his ELC still. RFA at seasons end
  4. I think there is an underlying reason for not letting veteran leadership go. We had a little scare when Markstrom and Tanev were let go last off season. Benning may be more careful to retain players who bring this if he can re-sign them at friendly new salaries. Especially if Beagle is done through the end of his contract. Benning has already signed Pearson ofc for $500k less than he was making. Sutter at 1-2 years at $2-2.5M would work for me. But this also means finding another viable bottom 6 centre at a reasonable cost. Going with Lind may be in the long term i
  5. Maybe I've mis-read your original post because your punctuation and writing is bad in it. The way you've written it, it sounds like you're saying 0.46 was his last years production. I get what you mean now. I think that Pearson is the kind of player you need on a team (15-20 goals, defensively responsible, can be physical, good in the room etc) and there is no point cutting him loose when you're going to have to find another just like him later. He's a 3rd liner who can play up. Honestly, there are others who they can do without and look to replace like Roussel, Gaudette, Beag
  6. I think you're misleading here. Career production is 0.46 ppg in 490 games. That's his rookie year and this year, everything. Last year, 45 points in 65 games is 0.65 ppg. This year, 11 points in 33 games 0.33 ppg (small sample size). He's 28. That's not old. Why wouldn't you expect his production to come back to normal? Last year is on the high side, this year is low. No he's not going to become a better player like you say but the numbers tend to average out. FWIW Last year, for forwards playing 25 or more games, the 186th player put up points at
  7. For a 6th forward, it's a safe an necessary move and he's reducing the overall cap hit for the team. If Benning is going to be adding rookies to the line up, particularly in the top 6, he's going to need guys like Pearson in the line up. Also, once players like Podkolzin and Hoglander are in the top 6 (and when things are back to normal cap wise), nobody is going to mind having 3.25 on the 3rd line.
  8. Good signing at a cap friendly price. Don't get the vitriol.
  9. Picasso made sculptures out of garbage. You may scoff but if you've seen it in person, you would call it genius.
  10. People have been calling "modern art" a sham for 150 years. Have fun with this
  11. It's 8 players and 1 coach. It's kind of murky because Virtanen missed last practice because of illness. Is he the 8th? What's the illness?
  12. Texas has 29 million people. Let's compare apples with apples. New covid cases per 100,000 Texas: 3,000 cases in 29M.......10.39 cases per 100,000 Canada: 5,500 cases in 37M.......14.86 BC: 1,000 cases in 5M.......20.00 Canada is playing catch up with the vaccine. Not setting my hair on fire but I am concerned. Got myself on the wait list for AstraZenica today as a 55-65 year old.
  13. It's higher up than that. 3C. They're a little shy on centres moving forward but there are wingers and they're easier to obtain
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