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[Report] Raffi Torres likely to retire if unsigned by NHL club

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On August 24, 2016 at 8:42 PM, King Heffy said:

Hossa's a little ****.  Guy went down like he'd been shot when Hansen barely touched him too.  Torres didn't deserve what ehe got for taking out that spoiled crybaby,

I had no problem with the seabrook hit either.

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1 hour ago, King Heffy said:

Just a good solid hockey hit.  Sad that those kinds of hits are going away.  Whatever happened to keeping one's head up? 



im the video I see raffi stop taking strides many feet before the hit as well.  But whatever.  It's spilled milk.

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6 hours ago, CBH1926 said:

Just like Orpik, always looking for a guy with his head down to light him up.

Usually skated away after a dirty hit, McQuaid didn't take no for an answer though after Torres hit Ference.


Was sickening to see that gutless play after Torres gave that scumbag what he deserved.  Shouldn't have to fight after a clean hit.


Too bad Ferrence was ok.

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