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[Discussion] Gudbranson


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Gilman whom I think is a reputable, said on TSN1040 today that he thinks that Gudbranson could see a signing of 5-6 M.  As Gilman suggested I am completely on board with trading Gudbranson.  I know we nearly traded him for Demmers so his value probably isn't that high but realistically what can we expect to see in return for him?  Based on our depth I'm thinking picks or prospects but would like to hear from those who may have a better understanding of value.

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I've been watching EG closer, especially when he has the puck. Say an opponent is closing in quickly. Almost invariably within 10~20 seconds, opponents have puck control, & are driving towards our zone, and/or net. His choices under pressure seem to set off nasty dominoes.


Then apply this eye-test to Tanev in the same situation. It seems whatever he chooses to do, we're driving forward with the puck/control of the situation, as the play evolves.


Really like EG's toughness, but I don't think excess of 4~4.2 mill AAV can be justified. Furthermore, wouldn't exceed 3 or 4 yrs, max. If that's not good enough $ for his camp, then move him.


Acquire alternative-muscle, even signing Arch, if necessary.

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