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(Proposal) Erik Karlsson

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4 hours ago, HockeydownUnder said:

Karlsson will demand a bit more than 10. Drai and Nurse are both solid assets but I think it would take a sweetener to get the deal done. What that sweetener is I'm not entirely sure. Don't think its worth Edmonton to consider. Nurse and Drai are both near McDavids age and Edmonton can build around them


That said it would be pretty funny watching McDavid and Karlsson flying around on the same team

Funny, when they aren't playing us.  God that would be insane, McDavid would have five breakaways a game, same with Karlsson.   Makes me wish Gretzky wasn't given an ultimatum, he was coming to Vancouver but Quin offended him.  Bure would have scored 80 goals.

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