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Bo Horvat's Road To Captaincy


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"Bo was 16-years-old when he was selected ninth overall by the London Knights in the 2011 OHL draft. Twenty selections later, London picked a goaltender from Michigan named Ian Jenkins, who was set to become Bo's new teammate.

Prior to the season Jenkins, then 15-years-old, fell out of the back of a friend's pick-up truck and passed away from injuries incurred. Although he and Bo weren't friends, they had competed against each other, and driving back from Jenkins' funeral in Detroit, Bo decided what number he'd wear in London, the same number he wears with the Canucks. 

"Bo was looking out the window and I asked him if he was okay. He said yes and that he'd chosen his number, which the Knights needed by the next day. He said he wanted to wear 53 in tribute to Ian Jenkins, who was number 35. I looked over at him and then I looked the other way and I had tears in my eyes. I thought wow, that's pretty cool."


Wow, I did not know this. I had heard about Jenkins and his passing, but had no idea that's where Bo's jersey number came from.

For those that aren't aware, Ian Jenkins was considered one of the top goaltending prospects in his age group, and I've heard scouts say he was one of the best raw talents they'd seen to this day.

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