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  1. yeah, i keep forgetting he was injured for half the season last year and now training camp, obviously gunna need some time but with the whole contract distraction, people are gunna be putting him under the microscope.
  2. yeah had to remind my self about that while taking shots on him, tonight he was better than usual but still not a huge fan, he'll learn overtime.
  3. didnt no much about him but seems decent so far, from the thread i wasnt sure what to expect.
  4. must of clicked the in picture setting on your controller or something try reseting it
  5. lol was saying wear your canuck jersey too the habs vs kraken game
  6. maybe we'll get lucky and actually have a good 2nd period for once lol
  7. was just talking about highmore not anything to do with pods but yeah dunno why he's scratched doesnt make much sense.
  8. dont really care about Big Mac being picked up but wish we kept gadj but its our top players not showing up thats the problem.
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