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  1. surprised maroon didnt do more considering he hit him down below.
  2. lol wtf, so now every little thing is getting suspension nows...
  3. kind of a bummer, oh well.
  4. really liked that pick sucks about his injurys though, hopefully plays a strong game next week, excited for Gadj
  5. @LeafsFanDan ready for a first round exit** again, i hate the bruins but you guys struggle lol against em. but this season is weird, dont think your goaltending is good enough, we'll see, why do you pop by and talk smack when its convenient? when we lose or are doing bad, responded too one of your posts and you didnt respond, whats your agenda eh?
  6. i like him, but his whiney b1tching and slight dirty stuff he does and gets away with it is annyoing and the media fluffing him up as well.
  7. really hate how soft hockeys getting, get khaira out of demkos face please.
  8. okay since jake is on leave, everyone shot gun a beer 100 points is brought up.
  9. whens his draft year?, it would be nice but losing for 2-3* more years dont think i can take it lol
  10. i wouldnt complain, but it would be our luck considering this year is such a crap shoot.
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