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  1. That spin-o-rama backhand goal was just too nice. P. Kane is one of the best of his era.
  2. No, nothing official. They may both play! But if they don't.... Like I said... ugh...
  3. Watching a struggling Nucks play without Huggy and Podkolzin is... ugh...
  4. Quinn Hughes is most certainly the more impactful of the two. He has his own deficiencies, but he's already on track to be more of a Franchise player. You really noticed how much he is missed in last night's game. Petey is absolutely deadly from the hashmarks in, his shot is top 10 in the league and he can dangle in-tight like nobody's business. But 5-on-5 he's just not as effective as he should be. He can't enter the zone to save his life, he just doesn't carry the puck with enough speed and seems to fear larger defenders. I honestly think these things will come with age and strength, though. He kinda reminds of me of Markus Naslund before he truly broke out and became the main guy for the Nucks. He's just not that guy yet.
  5. We’re missing our star quarterback, what else can you say? This is why I’ve been on record as saying Huggy might even be our captain one day. He isn’t necessarily a “leader”, but he’s that much better than the next guy. For better or for worse, it’s his team.
  6. I don't know about ya'll, but my TV gets this weird filtered effect with twinkly lights and cute animated baby animals whenever Huggy Bear is on the ice. In all seriousness, even a routine play for Quinn Hughes is a treat to watch for me. Sure, I'd prefer he were tougher and better defensively, but his mixture of puck skills and generational-tier skating is what ice hockey is all about. The guy is just on a different level than other guys on the ice. I thought Poolman was great last night as well. Good size, decent speed, takes the body, can handle the puck, nice little shot. Has our Pro-scouting group finally hit on somebody? I mean, right shot bigger body that had some offensive awareness in College... would be massive for this organization if he develops into a bonafide top 4 NHL Dman.
  7. I was secretly hoping for the next Jarkko Ruutu, but this guy is quite a bit bigger than I was expecting. Would be cool if he was a bit of a pest, he seems to have that goofy/annoying element that Jarkko had.
  8. I’m a hockey fan. More specifically a Canadian hockey fan. So nice to see some semblance of normalcy. Great game so far! Both teams look much improved. Oilers young guys (under 24) look good, team appears to mesh well, Smith playing strong. Nucks have trimmed all the fat, and it’s noticeable. We’re finally a good team, in terms of personnel… we’ll see how team structure and systems look as things go. Fun to see fast-paced, offensively minded hockey against Edmonton (who can also push the pace).
  9. Yeah, I understood Petan as a PTO, but he's getting waaaay too serious of a look right now. Honestly, I'm not really digging any of the Abbotsford, PTO, waiver-wire guys... and kinda miffed about losing Gadjovich.
  10. Tucker Poolman ain't no whipping boy. Great size, solid, responsible play ... and now he's showing flashes of puck skills and a heavy shot. This guy's a good pick up for us.
  11. Pretty nice to have a point-shot on the powerplay again (OEL). It's been waaaay too long. Huggy can get his shot through pretty well, but OEL appears to be quite a bit better at it. Rathbone has a nice little clapper too.
  12. Salo’s clappers were legendary. Those big nasty point shots are becoming increasingly rare in today’s game. Really hoping OEL’s sneaky wrister (that got him multiple 20-goal seasons) makes a return. He could enter into that conversation if he somehow has a magnificent return to form.
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