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  1. Talk about kneejerk reaction.. Listen, everybody wants Chris Tanev and Jacob Markstrom on their team this year, next year, maybe even the one after. But beyond that... these are older players. One of them with a ton of miles whose game had really fallen off until Quinn Hughes came into the picture, and the other a hot mess of a goaltender until 28 years of age. Markstrom is an elite goaltender, but he is not a career goaltender. It's a big fella riding a nice hot streak. He was honestly pretty mediocre in the bubble as well.
  2. Luke Hughes and Quinn Hughes as the ultimate pairing and new brotherly connection?
  3. The guy had another two assists last night. He might be our leading scorer by season's end... He needs help defending the bigger, tougher forwards and did get exposed a bit last night. But he needs a steadying partner to cover him. It's just too much pressure for Quinn to carry this team offensively and defensively. Especially at his age and size.
  4. Yeah, I said this to start the season - Quinn is our best player (by quite a bit). He’ll wear a letter at some point. I love how productive he is. The kid just racks up assists like crazy. But the way he holds the line, uses his stick to reposition the puck while spinning off his edges... it’s just high IQ and high ability. It’s my favourite kind of hockey.
  5. Obviously 9 goals against through 2 games is not good, but I’ve thought Demko still looks very poised so far. His movements are clean, his positioning’s been good, his new gear larger and better-fitting. He still has all the makings of a star netminder, but at this point he has to take charge. Holtby has been slightly better through two games, but he’s clearly slower, smaller, and older between the pipes. We need Demko going or the season will be over real quick.
  6. The optics of being shoved aside by (a much smaller) Yamamoto were pretty bad on that one goal, but overall he did have a good game. Let's see how he does tonight!
  7. I don't understand how a team can look at Mikko Koskinen and say "yeah, that's a number one NHL goaltender". And then go "tandem with Mike Smith? Sure, sounds perfectly adequate."
  8. Such a great point. The average Vancouver media figurehead (Sat Shah, Ian Mac, Jeff Paterson, Thomas Drance, Rick Dhaliwal, etc.) can come off as prodding and a bit sensationalistic about the state of the team, it's just the nature of the industry. But they're really just fanboy nerds like us. Nobody wants this team to do poorly, and they're not intentionally trying to annoy or intimidate the players (cut to Petey death-stare). JT Miller, for example, is very old-school and guarded. This rubs off on Petey, Brock, Quinn, etc. but with Schmidt perhaps we can turn this into a fun team to watch and cover, as they roll into an era of successful hockey and annual post-season appearances.
  9. I know everybody subscribes to the Church of Pettersson - what an unbelievably gifted player, and surprisingly good defensively already. JT Miller is our scoring leader and the heartbeat of the team. Bo Horvat proved in the bubble that he is the ideal Captain and capable of carrying the team on his back. But I can assure you that Quinn Hughes is the single best player on the team. He's thicker, more mature, and ready to take the reigns.
  10. It's the best drafting in the history of our organization. Nothing more, nothing less. Let's see what they can do.
  11. Jake was flying out there. He’s just so physically gifted, is this the year it clicks? His fitness did seem good, in fact the whole team looked to be in game-shape. Brock looks leaner, skating well. Dear god, Hoglander is for real. It looks like Olli Juolevi will be unremarkably steady for a lotta years in Vancouver. Marc Michaelis and Will Lockwood bring tenacity a la Tyler Motte, while Motte himself was the hardest worker on the ice, arguably player of the game, and looks like a real leader on this team... until he gets into it with Gaudette Rathbone is as expected. He’ll be annoyed not to make the team, because I believe he looks NHL ready at this camp, but so do a few others ahead of him in age and experience. Quinn Hughes is the best player on the team.
  12. Eating seeds as a pass time activity?
  13. That's a heck of a sequence. It looks like Miller back-checking, freeing the puck for Edler to find Petey (who calmly looks for the pass out of the zone), finds Schmidt in a position to start the rush (something our breakout has sorely lacked outside of Hughes) who then feeds Boeser for a breakaway?! This is textbook stuff. Schmidt just brings that element where the switch to offense immediately engages.
  14. For those that aren't goalie gear snobs, those are Markstrom's old pads! He's switching to CCM from Brian's and his own set is on its way.