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  1. Yeah. Ultimately I’m okay with it. But I think I’d rather have McTavish. Or Reinhart...
  2. I love the kid. But I genuinely believe in Thatcher Demko as a goalie, and his career is just beginning. The timing of drafting Wallstedt now isn’t quite perfect. He’s playing in the SHL, and honestly isn’t that far away (see Spencer Knight). I just don’t think we can take Demmer out the crease, even 3+ years from now. Don’t get me wrong. Walkstedt is a phenom. We’re talking potentially a Pettersson of goaltending. But Demko has insane upside himself. Did you know his longterm gf is a goalie? The guy is dedicated - he’s here to stay.
  3. Lysell could be a Hoglander-type steal in this draft. But I think we gotta aim higher with 9th OA.? Wallstedt is not a reach at 9. Not a specific team need, but not a reach.
  4. Draft-eligible players I'd rather take a chance on than current-day Sam Reinhart: - Power - Clarke - Beniers - Eklund - maybe McTavish That's about it. Samson is a great player and would be a fantastic addition to our team. Having ELC contributors is so key though...
  5. Which draft-eligible prospect would you rather have than Sam Reinhart?
  6. I've seen that phrase thrown around too much for my liking - Clarke's "knock-kneed skating"... and to be honest I'm not really sure that's even a thing. His speed is one of his most appealing elements as a prospect, he just isn't as graceful as a Hughes boy. He moves around the ice perfectly well, and is every bit a new-age defender. When I'm judging a player's skating, it's really more about how much ice they cover... not the way they position their knees. I just don't buy that Clarke (a 6'2 190lbs, high IQ defender) is a "2nd pairing, PP specialist". His game seems very wel
  7. An undersized goaltender who has played minimal professional-level hockey? Considering goalies already are hard to get value from in trades... His CHL performance is notable, but not enough to warrant any sort of return. He's worth about a 5th-6th rounder right now, tbh. Worth far more to us than he is to any other team. Not a trade chip when talking about moving up draft spots in the top 10.
  8. Man, I get a sneaking suspicion one of Clarke or Hughes will be there for us... for some inexplicable reason.
  9. Guys, I like Mikey and think he's borderline underrated as a goaltending prospect... but he has little to no value.
  10. As a goalie guy, I'm loving all the Wallstedt talk. Jesper is exceptional - I'd say he's an A-level goaltending prospect. Worthy of a high 1st round pick. But Sebastian Cossa is a B+ goaltending prospect, and his ceiling is nearly as high. Not likely, but if he's there in the early 2nd round... I would likely not use our top 10 draft pick on a goaltender (even though I'm a massive fan of JW, and consider him the best goalie prospect of the last 10 years), but I would absolutely gallop to the podium to take Cossa with a late 1st or early 2nd.
  11. I thought Hoglander was an obvious talent in his draft year and had him as a late 1st rounder (or a run-to-the-podium 2nd rounder). Was obviously thrilled when we took him, and of course impressed by his rookie campaign. Stankoven gives me similar vibes. Smaller frame, but his offensive skills are what I would call exceptional. Prime 2nd round pick for me.
  12. Interesting. Ladd is some pretty nasty dead weight, but as others mentioned in that thread... local Maple Ridge guy, longstanding veteran with a ton of leadership qualities.. could be useful as part of our coaching staff even if bought out? I think there's the makings of something there. Dobson is a great target. Exactly the kind of player we need, and incredibly young still.
  13. As someone who's played the position coming on 20 years, I agree. Wallstedt is my favourite goaltending prospect of the last 10 years, and it's because of his poise. He's not as "sleepy" a netminder as Spencer Knight (who definitely comes from the Carey Price school of ice cold goaltending), but is definitely very calm in the crease. Stylistically, he reminds of Jacob Markstrom AFTER being groomed by Ian Clark. For an 18 year old it's damn impressive. That said, I am endlessly intrigued by Sebastian Cossa as well. As a smaller goalie myself, I always turn my nose
  14. Is that Dobson? I'd target him for sure. Don't think I'd do 9th straight up, though.
  15. Dear god, you're right... L. Hughes next to Drysdale is "modern NHL" personified. Clarke next to Smith? Edvinsson next to Seider? Screw this, now I'm jealous. Let's trade our pick in a deal for a big RHD to play with Quinn. I am perfectly okay with McTavish there, though. He's the kind of guy that helps us compete with the Golden Knights of the league.
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