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  1. Amen. I still for the life of me can't understand why Rafferty hasn't gotten a look. Obviously he's getting aged out now, but I see a lot of skill every time I've watched him touch the ice. Let's crash and burn!
  2. This is a very solid list, nice work! I totally see why a 6'6 Dman that can skate and make plays would be #1 on most people's boards, but I don't see enough meanness or physicality to Power's game for him to be the next Pronger. He will be a great pro, but this is not Eric Lindros on defence. Petey - Horvat - Beniers (on ELC) - Sutter (?) down the middle looks very appetizing to me. With the right supporting cast, that could be a cup-calibre group of centres. Clarke is my guy, as we desperately need a right shot Dman with his blend of skill and IQ. I really think
  3. I also had no idea until very recently that he’s a North Vancouver product. Hometown kid / Virtanen reset?
  4. Top three-five pick this year ladies and gents. Clarke, Power, Hughes?
  5. How can we add another late 1st and get Scott Morrow? I still think landing Brandt Clarke changes everything for our D corps, if we can get him. But two highly-skilled rightshot defencemen with good size are better than one!
  6. Agree, I don't see much to get excited about with him. Nice warm body for this strange season, though.
  7. Goalie gang represent! Oof that's a tough one though... I started watching this team as a wee lad during the 98-99 season... can you say "goalie graveyard"? It took so many years to see a genuine all-star netminder tend our crease, and the Luongo trade blew my mind. We often took those years for granted, but how nice was it to have a franchise goalie? From there: Schneider - absolute stud, a treat to watch during his tenure here Miller - very serviceable veteran, much respect Markstrom - team MVP and finally we have Demko, who seems to represent everything
  8. These U18s are going to be fun, I wonder if they're gonna be broadcasted anywhere. For Canada, Bedard + Wright is worth the price of admission alone, but I'd love to see how Brandt Clarke and other draft eligible players look with high-end skilled players.
  9. I'm team Wallstedt (arguably my favourite goalie prospect of the last 10 years), but Cossa is making a huge case for himself. A 6'6.5 212lbs Canadian monster that simply does not allow goals in his current level. That is absolutely a top 15 pick.
  10. I think I gotta go Brandt Clarke number 1 for our Nucks... Almost miscast as a smallish pure OFD, but now at 6'2 185 and a great attention to detail in his defensive game, he's poised to be much more than just a PP specialist. Really not that different than a draft-year Boqvist, Liljigren, Dobson, etc. as a right-shot modern defenseman with high offensive ability, but closer to a Victor Soderstrom, or potentially even a Cale Makar (if all goes extremely well). I've heard people talk about him as a potential 1st overall pick, but I get the feeling he'll still be ava
  11. Silovs has some pretty incredible raw talent, but we wasn't particularly great in the OHL last year... I still like him as a goalie prospect, but he's a ways from NHL-ready. It's gotta be Mikey getting games, we don't want Arturs getting lit-up. But, as a goalie guy myself, I'll take any chance I can get to see how a goalie looks in our colours.
  12. Maybe we draft Owen Power? I do like how the Canucks are trying to build a super mobile, puck-moving D group through the draft. We just need to see what we have in them. Quinn Hughes will only get better with age and strength, but we have to hope Rathbone, Woo, and Juolevi can become regular contributors. Tryamkin is an enigma. Truscott, Utunen, Persson, and Jurmo (very intriguing skillset) are longshots, but fit the vision. Add a Brandt Clarke to that group and suddenly we're looking incredibly dynamic on the back-end, but we are missing toughness and defensive presence.
  13. Dubnyk was a great goalie when he hit his peak a few years ago, but he's nowhere close that guy today. This trade does next to nothing for Colorado, other than give Grubauer a veteran backup.
  14. I think Brandt Clarke has good enough height but is just a touch on the light side - if he fills out and can continue to be committed to improving his defensive game, he could form an unbelievable top-pairing with Quinn. Kind of reminds me of Victor Soderstrom as a prospect. Very skilled offensively, but better than people realize defensively. If our scouting staff feel he can grow physically and develop the way VS has, Clarke has to be the guy for Vancouver to target.
  15. You can't even write a script for a better career trajectory. I remember reading about this San Diego kid who was a top goaltender in his draft class. A couple weeks later, we nabbed him in the second round. Kid has a marvelous career at Boston College, comes to Utica and becomes arguably their best player in short-order. Learns the ropes under Marky, has that spectacular playoff performance. Takes a couple weeks to adjust to his new role as starter on a weak defensive team, gets locked into a groove and shuts it down. A few short months later, he gets a contract that set
  16. I'm just so thrilled with Hoglander this year, and we all know Podkolzin is going to contribute once he arrives (even if the offense takes some time to develop). There's no longer the same dread of "OMG WE CAN'T MESS THIS PICK UP!!", we're gonna get a good player and can kinda-sorta pick based on need too. Even just on the defensive side of things: Clarke? Smooth skating RHD with dynamic offensive abilities? Sounds good. I'd like a little more size, but he is very very skilled. Power? Physically gifted monster of a defender that can skate and make plays? Sign me up. I worry about his
  17. This kid would be a 50 goal scorer if he were even an average-sized player. But I still think he will be a very good player for them for a long time.
  18. Arguably my favourite goaltending prospect of the last 10 years. But goalies are ready younger and younger, and he's already a very good SHL goaltender... I think Demko could be our guy for the next 7-8 years. Jesper could be ready in 3-4...
  19. Hoglander is becoming our version of Marchand, right before our eyes.
  20. I ate there once, had to eat mine in three sittings!
  21. I think what's so intriguing about Demko is that he's done this at every level he's played. This is ultimately why we ended up keeping Demmer over Marky. He is an extremely talented goaltender, and we've managed to develop him perfectly. Sure, you can always say "but, he's only played ___ amount of games, and he hasn't done ___!" There has been a very clear and recognizable arc to his career so far. Nothing is guaranteed, especially at the goaltending position. But when you've developed a goalie for 5+ years, and he's met and/or exceeded expectations at every step,
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