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Greatest Canucks coach of all time?

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If we're talking about wins with Canucks..


AV - 313

Crawford - 246

Quinn - 138


Vigneault won more than twice as many games than Quinn for the Canucks. Quinn has more wins overall but they're nearly tied in terms of career wins and AV is still racking them up.


Crawford was heavily underrated. He won 100 games more than Quinn for the Canucks. He was able to make a mediocre squad into one of the most exciting teams in the early 2000s. If Cloutier didn't choke in the playoffs, I believe we would have made the SC Finals at least once.


If we're talking about overall wins..


Quinn - 684

AV - 648

Crawford - 556


If we're talking about impact on the fan base..






If we're talking for me personally..






You can't go wrong with any of these 3 legendary coaches.

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54 minutes ago, VegasCanuck said:

Pat Quinn, then AV.


Pat Quinn took an average team and inspired them to much higher levels.


no that was roger Nielsen   pat quinn had bure  and bure isn't average  , quinn is a canuck thru and thru and a great coach     my list is Quinn  Nielsen  Crawford AV

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