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Couple of Questions

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1) Theoretically if Vancouver underperformed in the next few games, how likely would it that we either trade for someone (Dubois) or we fire parts of the coaching staff? I am genuinely curious.


2) Would these line combos work?


Miller - Petterson - Virt

Boeser - Horvat - Hog

Pearson - Gaudette - Motte

Roussel - Beagle - Sutter



First Line: Virtanen isn't who I think he will be, nor will he reach his potential. My plan is to have Miller player coach him on that line and force him to make smarter decisions and yell at him to show more effort. If this dosent work then not much else can really be done for Virtanen. My hope is that this line has a crash and bang with petey both cycling the puck to the wingers to shoot or having the wingers dig the puck in the corner and pass to him. 


Second Line: This line will hopefully be as dangerous as it looks on paper. Boeser a pure sniper, Horvat someone who can win faceoffs and can grind in the corner for the puck, Hoglander someone who has an eye for passing and with his motor can win battles in the corner. This line has the potential to really take over a game if they are firing on all cylinders.


Third Line: Given the limited ice time for the third line in previous games, I think adding Pearson and Motte to Gaudettes wing really improves the lines overall defensive scheme. In the past few games Gaud has had some shifts where he just flies like a mad man on a mission and I feel like adding someone like Pearson who can play a physical and good 200 foot game as well as Motte who is an extremely hard worker and has some offensive skills as well as being a defensive specialist, can really help this team out in both offense while not being a full defensive liability. Hopefully Gaud breaks out this year.


Fourth Line: Just here to go out against heavy assignments. Relieve some pressure from the upper lines.


All in all I feel like each line has some grit, offense and some defence that can all mix well and allow Green to roll out 4 lines every night to help with fatigue.


Flame away :bigblush:

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I think it would be far too reactionary to make big changes this early into a season like this.


I also don't think Virtanen is capable of enabling 1st line players. While the mentorship from Miller might be nice, it would be at the cost of that line's production and I'm not sure Jake would use it that well anyway. He's had plenty of mentorship opportunities and still exhibits both the same strengths and weaknesses. He's better on the 2nd or 3rd line IMO. I don't mind Boeser with Horvat and Hoglander though.

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