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  1. NEWHOOK like ihave said so many times..ive done all the scouting for the canucks and all i want are handfuls of free tickets culls dont know how to pick or trade or develop players that's why the canucks keep spinning their look for good character and you dont get good scouting from just ex NHL players...this newhook kid im saying it will be a future high scoring nhl not going into details its just a sleeper of a pick and like many drafts some of the late picks will outperform the top pucks in this years draft...
  2. crawford sucks he inherited good teams that needed little coaching
  3. Well 2 former BCHL players benn and bozak both big in double over time..if you look at jamie beans chance it almost looks like it goes in..inches the bozak another bchl player did all the work for this get newhook he will be just as good as these guys if not better...he is not gilbert brûlée's star..
  5. WELL YOU CANUCK FANS including me dont be BOO HOO BOO HOOwhen things are just like last few long as that italian stallion is calling the major moves this team is going to flounder...empty seats no playoffs and fans crying....GILLIS was a smart man and if you think keith gretzky or a glen sather ken holland can do way better i dont think so....look at the oilers look at leafs look at montreal ...look at jets flames....nashville has some good management..they just dont have the rude mix of players win and go over the next level........the CANUCKS need to get their act together..i know its a rebuild slowly but you get wasted signings wasted drafts and horrible moves..only player i likes far in ;art year was levin and peterson we will see if he is all far as the three cores bowser petey hornet they are solid foundation...the team needs to bevbetter at making decisions...GILLLIS WAS GREAT AT MAKING MOVES.....
  6. MIKE GILLIS should haver been let go..He was the best management in canuck history...this guy was good at making moves and he knows the type of players you need to make a good gritty offensive was an error in getting rid of him...
  7. yes bozak would have help you leaf fans for sure...haha benn vs bozak will be difference i think in this playoff series....for you morons that don't understand good hockey talk too bad so sad....what my message is some bchl players are great for team improvements....if the canucks draft newhook they will be so glad they did..and no im not a victoria grizzly fan.... bozak would have scored the winner in game 7 if leafs kept him..
  8. Two former junior teammate in the BCHL...They both dominated the league and were massive offensive power for the victoria grizzlies..I think if bozak could only get to play with benn on same team one day they could show that chemistry they had years ago...
  9. If newhook keeps playing the way he is under 18 tournament he may even go can just tell he will be good no matter what team he goes with but i think his style goes well with players that are good passing the puck and he has quick hockey plays and if and when he gets stronger will be a super star or top play maker goal score in the nhl...dont miss this jim if newhook is still available..this kid has better upside then madden lind gaudette lockwood kid ..he wont be long in the development stage..just gets faster and stronger and the rest will be natural...
  10. i dont think they disrespected the twin they were just mouthy like all guys or player in their age..jamie benn is one hell of a player tough mental and skilled...the blues will try to out work them but the stars will prevail i say in 6
  11. good mix is hard to obtain but you have your core and they better be good not perfect but the character skill and toughness in them dont need to tom wilson tough you need brad marchand tough but discipline...avalnche good mix calls stars good mix and the islanders and blue jackets.....all of the remains playoff teams have good balance of key has one of the best but i think they will get knocked out due to the players not executing...islanders jackets will come out of the east..the west dallas or the blues will make it to finals...
  12. You fans want to go the same route canucks and most nhl teams been did dallas stars end up with jamie benn..was he top 5 draft yet he has been nhl mvp ...just needs a cup or a good run....ok another example would be yakapov rated high but was a flop.....stick to the british columbia hockey system bchl or whl ...local talent won't hurt....newhookis from back east but having watch bchl players get drafted then go on to nhl this guy is pretty good ..if a guy like tyson joyst on avalanche or scissions on nashville fabro turris conolly on washington cholowoski on red wings etc are doing ok in nhl..this kid is a step above them i see no problem..just get bigger and learn the game and he will be fine....i think he will be similar player as to mcdcvid..not as fast but has same attributes and better ones in some area...up to nuckle heads..i dont care really just would not want to hear or see more boo hoo boo hoo when just maybe you could take a chance and get another great player not rated too high...