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  1. FIVE bchl kids on nashville...thats what i say jim look more often on bchl players..go out look for yourself...just easy to misss good picks from this league...looking for a sleeper pick...thats all..benning focuses to much or the european guys too much and usa kids...
  2. cherry is a great guy..its just like a guy you would find at your local pub..if you are new comer and just started drinking there you may find one regular guy thats annoying or rude..but ice you get to know him he is just him or her..its part of their character and they mean no harm..chery is always yapping about other types of origins..he didn't like how europeans are so soft i agree..and canadians are tough hard nose kids..just saying how it is..not being racist...thats the way the guy sure he like all races just cuts them down as he sees it..i agree but ya too bad in todays world you have to watch what you say but i think sports net blew this one..its about htime he retired though...great guy and will be hall of fame..
  3. nothing wrong with the canucks team we have now..with the exception on few saying few pieces of the puzzle like bozak could have made a huge difference..blues knew what they were getting..perfect fit..he can score or help in timely just seems like canucks have good enough guys to just make a splash in the nhl once in a while then flounder then flourish again...i think mental toughness is whats needed in a long season..stamina and good game plans going in to each game..players need to contribute in a way where certain guys step up and others another night...thats all im smart hockey but tough hockey and yet just do the basics like shot on net or shots that should be along the ice ..execute with accuracy..
  4. T he guy was just being himself..if hockey fans or immigrants get offended thats too bad i say..there is no place for racism but you need to be able to handle certain situations..over blown cherry is goody that would fight for every one of us canadians..he is old school and what he meant was just to get every canadian all fired up...cherry knows what he said and its the truth..
  5. i see that the talent level in bchl and whl is really not that much different and players that have really done well has or had played in bchl at some todays nhl...jaime benn mvp bozak cup champ....bret hull...duncan keith, etc...many more impact players that go under the radar cause they had poor scouting...yes you get odd super russian...many swedes hard nose whl guys and the fast skilled NCAA player who most likely came from bchl hockey league...
  6. What do the canucks brass think of not going after tyler bozak now...if you look at my recommendations long i said maybe they should gone for newhook in the draft but no too much in the analytical stuff...coyotes gm who is really into that came from the bchl hockey league...jim benning is just doing good enough to survive the look at capitals and blues how they make up their team....they know the players to use or dump...islanders are on it now too...thats good gm..
  7. he played in cowuchan valley in bchl hockey league for a he is doing very well...went a long way from a bchl kid.
  8. nothing wrong with his comments we all came to or old...who cares its hockey show and cherry is old school
  9. you cant ref one way..clearly levio was high sticked by accident and so were the high stick calls on canucks...reffs just called too many soft penalties which down to 5 d men...very hard to get much going when your in the box
  10. all comes down to can trade for a wayne gretzky but if his work ethic and his character is not what its suppose to be you will just set back your team....sure the canucks could be better in some areas but every team has the same problem..what id like and i think the teams personnel have been doing is focusing on team fitness and training...from goal tending coach too power skating drills and basics like how to improve your shot block without injury or body checks character along with good fitness i think is very important in this too long really of nhl season...
  11. who will be the police man now...i guess benn can still throw them...then you got Virtanen and myers or edler but up front it would be beagle and schaller that will have to drop gloves i guess..
  12. I really like ferland answering the bell the other night...what the canucks need to do is keep playing smart is a long season...sometimes it makes sense to plug in a call up if a guy needs rest or small injuries...the long season will take its toll....playing a safe hard nose game is the key to longevity.always keep your heads up canucks...i see lot of small cheap shots towards the good players...maybe bring in more muscle for that in certain games...dont need our go to guys all busted up. love the power play....change up is good and simple is good..noticed they added a bit of creativity as of good to get second unit rolling too so teams fear both units..
  13. jake just needs to stay in shape..hit hard and play hard ..keeping his discipline is the one improvement ive seen..clean hard hits and knows when to act on a hit or stand up for team mates..thats smart hockey and things will look like dream come true..
  14. yes agree it has been like that..but then again they can ask or just give the nod and square off after puck drops.