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  1. This covid 19 has only been onus for few weeks now in british columbia but who knows really how long its been around...just like a forest fire people you need to cut it no hockey fans in one place no bars no theatres no gatherings period will do this as experts say...sacrifice our sports our luxuries for a little while and things will get better...message to prime minister ...if you want to help us out the folks that need money for temporary reasons...just send out electronically to everyone cause time is what point in getting any financial help if it takes months..
  2. i thought i said down 60 g ...never sell unless you need matter what happens we are all on the same journey so if you lose we alll lose as a far i think we are trying to get a grip on this cov19 but i think there should be more intelligent people talking on the news besides bonnie henry trump and betman...
  3. ok serious ....with all the science these you can build a human you can transplant fake can do much more but this corona virus....there must be something...its not a cancer or anything that kills you instantly but i agree its serious...nothing is happening at the moment...
  4. once you get the flu if you get the flu or a cold during the season you usually dont get it again for good time...does corona once you have been tagged with it does it come back or are you free from getting it again....the only piss off for me is their is absolutely no sports to watch on t.v or in a huge sports fan.......there must be a way to solve this..this earth has been around too long for all of us humans to just buckle after years and it something simple are we overlooking the solution..........
  5. YES I KNOW I CAN RETIRE EARLY IF THIS GETS RESOLVED..BUY LOW SELL HIGH RITE..ok so you have some cash sitting...i buy airlines banks and some commodities like auto parts and about great canadian river rock ...its all cheap///will sports action ever go under even with sports down...anyways money will be worth nothing if we dont get this figured just saying usually when there is turmoil i can turn to sports to therapy while watching my canucks no jays no whl or bchl...cant go out much and you cant buy much....its going to be weird next little while sport fans....good health to everyone and may the HOCKEYGODS BLESS US ALL.
  6. a cure will be found....zinc or something that will block the bad cells from surviving...i think the scientist will figure something out soon...
  7. The sports world is losing millions and the spin off like 50 50 draws and jobs charities etc are all costing everyone by the portfolio which i worked hard for which is not much as im still mid aged is down over 60 thousand in a wonder if the sports action is going to lose millions....this whole virus thing i think should be figured out in 2 like to see the whl bchl and nhl get back even if its no fans....without sports it is like a virus attacking me also... Sports is a mental aid for millions of im going through withdrawals...lets hope this resolves very soon....
  8. BROCK JUST NEEDS TO GET STRONGER..the skating will come i think but if he can get stronger waist down or both it would help him when he plays in front of the net..still young so ...virt needs to be more aggressive at times also...its hard every game cause so many but if he can ramp it up when its possible he will be a factor...
  9. dont need that type of player...the canucks need size intimidation skill and grits....they have the skill just need the skilled grinder...
  10. too many games to perform with high intensity but thats when other guys need to step up..canucks need to show more emotion and play much smarter hockey...the power play needs to simplify again..
  11. as the games get tighter the team as a whole will get tested for being able to push back when teams try and expose canuck defence...certain teams will try to take advantage..the canucks will have to be aggressive in clearing the net and when the rough stuff starts they need to be smart about it...taking one for the team is hard but it could mean a win...but also the canucks will have to draw a line when they will have to drop the gloves to show teams they wont get pushed around...i think the forwards have show this already..the defence has too but other teams have to be let known the canucks wont put up with any cheap hockey will be the key..
  12. So with the new rules in B.C next month is that showing to get cancelled..i kind of liked it...cant drink coffee cant smoke cant eat cant talk to passengers are just a few new laws while driving..i dont agree with most but what i think the problem is combination of things....older slower drivers..foreign drivers with fast young drivers all in a rush causing more problems on the roads...if people just respected the driving and treated it with respect then i think there would be less problems on bc roads..